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I think I manage to come across as fairly articulate on the podcast, which is a miracle since I frequently feel like I’m a marble-mouthed goofball.  For example, you’d think I would be able to say the name of my own podcast and blog fairly easily.  But no.  No, I have some sort of head trauma that makes me say “The Motion Picture Podcast” almost every single time I try to say the title.

So for the sake of my sanity, and also so that I can run the snazzy graphic you see attached to this article, we’re going to make the transition to calling it The MCP.  It’s technically the same title it’s always been, only now there’s a lot less chance I’ll mangle it when I open my mouth.

Besides… this makes it sound like a new energy drink for 14 year olds.  Marketing nirvana.  “You gotta get The MCP in you!”  Errrrr… wait.  Maybe not.  When I say it like that, it sounds like it’s gonna end in an arrest.

I think it’s a pretty good one this week.  My special guest is Scott Swan again, and we talk about summer movies and his aversion to pretty much everything coming out this year.  We also play a round of Movie God, then run down this week’s new releases on DVD and in theaters.  A very special added feature this week involves my son Toshi, who has been the subject of the ongoing column “Film Nerd 2.0” here at the site.  Today, we’ve got the first audio version of that as he stops by for a minute to explain his love of Godzilla to me.

It’s a whole lot of cute.

Here’s a rundown for what you’ll hear this week, segment by segment.

Intro 00:00 – 3:30

A quick introduction of Scott “The French Connection 3D” Swan.

Movie God 3:30 – 9:50

Three rounds of the game in which you are forced to pick which of two titles never existed, striking some classic from the record completely.

On The Shelf 9:50 – 25:00

This week’s new releases include “Valentine’s Day,” “Invictus,” the Criterion “Walkabout” Blu-ray, and “Outlander.”

On The Screen 25:00 – 30:00

A look at this week’s new releases including “Shrek Forever After” and “Holy Rollers.”

On My Mind 30:00 – 49:15

We discuss two important questions, one about summer movies and one about the difficulty of ending long-form stories with passionate audiences.

Film Nerd 2.0 49:15 – 53:45

In which Toshi drops by to talk about Godzilla movies and maybe do an impression.

Wrap-Up 53:45 – 1:04

I ask Scott about the last three films he saw, and he offers up his opinion on this year’s most controversial title, ‘A Serbian Film.’

Looking forward to your feedback, and to getting better at this.  Thanks for being part of the experiment, folks.  As always, you can e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter, where I’m DrewAtHitFix.

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