Listen to 6 minutes of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Man of Steel’ score

04.30.13 4 years ago

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Come June 11, fans of Hans Zimmer and Superman will be able to hear the score to Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel.” Today, there’s access to 30-second snippets from each of the soundtrack’s selected score pieces.

Amazon has put “Man Of Steel: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” up for pre-order, and with it, samplers to each tune. (A crafty listener put all snippets together for a full six minutes of preview, below.) Full details were also revealed about the deluxe version of the soundtrack, which is “housed in a special embossed steel case, contain 24 score selections, and give fans the ability to access multiple videos showing an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the music.” Goodness.

Both the 2-disc standard and deluxe version of the soundtrack will include a 28-minute “Man of Steel (Hans Original Sketchbook)”, which reveals Zimmer alone demoing, sketching and outlining some of his score to the film. Tracklists are below and hopefully don’t have too many spoilers.

Meanwhile, it seems that Zimmer ran his finger down a list of some of the world’s greatest drummers and came up with his collaborators on a “drum orchestra.” Josh Freese (Devo, Nine Inch Nails), Pharrell Williams, Danny Carey (Tool), Jim Keltner (Beatles’ solo projects), Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos), Ryeland Allison (a former Zimmer collaborator), Bernie Dresel (Brian Setzer Orchestra), Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa) and Sheila E (Prince), Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin) are mixed in with other great studio and touring rockers like John “JR” Robinson, Trevor Lawrence Jr., Curt Bisquera, Toss Panos and Satnam Ramgotra.

Zimmer also put together a traditional orchestra, and a “steel” orchestra (get it?) of renowned pedal steel players, including Chas Smith, Marty Rifkin, Skip Edwards, Boo Bernstein, Peter Frieberger, Rick Schmidt, JD Maness, John McClung.

“Man of Steel” arrives in theaters on June 14.

Disc 1 – Flight

  1.     Look to the Stars
  2.     Oil Rig
  3.     Sent here for a Reason
  4.     DNA
  5.     Goodbye My Son
  6.     If You Love These People
  7.     Krypton’s Last
  8.     Terraforming
  9.     Tornado
  10.     You Die or I Do
  11.     Launch
  12.     Ignition
  13.     I Will Find Him
  14.     This is Clark Kent
  15.     I Have So Many Questions
  16.     Flight
  17.     What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?

Disc 2 – Experiments from the Fortress of Solitude

  1.     Man of Steel                                (Hans’ Original Sketchbook)
  2.     Are You Listening, Clark?             (Deluxe Edition Only)
  3.     General Zod                                (Deluxe Edition Only)
  4.     You Led Us Here                         (Deluxe Edition Only)
  5.     This Is Madness!                         (Deluxe Edition Only)
  6.     Earth                                          (Deluxe Edition Only)
  7.     Arcade                                       (Deluxe Edition Only)

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