Listen to Rick Ross’ song for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

11.30.12 5 years ago

I think some artists thrive when they’re given constraints, like writing for a film. I think of RZA with his various soundtracks, like his own “Man with the Iron Fists,” or latter-day Trent Reznor who hasn’t wholly succeeded with How to Destroy Angels but can write the hell out of a score for “The Social Network” or “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

Rick Ross is an interesting choice for Quentin Tarantino as promo season for “Django Unchained” goes into hyperdrive. Tarantino hasn’t shocked with his musical choices before. And part of me wanted to be shocked at how Ross could be under constraints.

The trailer, with the Bawse, was pretty dope. This song “100 Black Coffins,” on the whole, is kind of a dud.

The chorus has a strong center and a good delivery, with the whistling and the ominous beat (which I feel should be credited to producer and movie star Jamie Foxx). But outside of that, Ross sounds a bit lost when he can’t be dropping watch brand names and various metaphor for T-and-A, forcing that verse in about Django and his strife against his bawse.

But the imagery of a hundred black bibles (“so we can send em all to hell”) is good enough to sell a movie.

“100 Black Coffins” is on the official soundtrack to “Django Unchained”; the album is out on Dec. 18 while the film hits on Dec. 25. The album, mind you, has a “collaboration” between late entertainers James Brown and Tupac Shakur. Is it Day of the Dead or Christmastime?

Click here for the whole tracklist to the “Django Unchained” soundtrack.

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