Listen to Robin Thicke’s new song, ‘Give It 2 You’ with Kendrick Lamar

07.03.13 4 years ago

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With “Blurred Lines” still in residence at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Robin Thicke has released a second song from his forthcoming album… and his obsession with his male member continues.

“Give It 2 You,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, is another booty call, though unlike the Marvin Gaye/Prince-influenced “Blurred Lines,” “Give” relies more on an electronic dance bed rather than ’70s soul.

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Thicke and Lamar trade off verses, but they both pledge that they will give it you so good, girl… “I”ll make it so, so, so amazing. I”ll give it to you,” Thicke sings in his creamy falsetto over the synthetic beat.

Just as he references his “big d**k” in the NSFW video for “Blurred Lines,” here, he and Kendrick lay it on just as thick(e) from the start pretty much from the start with Kendrick uttering the words “big d**k for you” in the first verse.  Give it a rest, fellas.

We”re sure this wasn”t intentional, but twice the song goes from Thicke crooning to Lamar dropping in the word, “Angel.” It switches it from a “let”s get it on” mood to a Lonely Island parody in my mind. Listen and hear for yourself, but all I can see is Andy Samberg, looking straight into the camera, mouthing the word “Angel,” as some scantily-clad woman dances in the background.

Thematically, “Give” mines the same territory as “Blurred Lines,” but musically, it switches it up a bit, which leaves us curious as to the rest of the musical direction for the album, “Blurred Lines,” which comes out July 30.

If you want to hear for yourself, a sample of the album is available on Thicke”s website,here.

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