Listen: Two all-new Katy Perry songs on ‘Unplugged’

11.17.09 8 years ago

Katy Perry’s “MTV: Unplugged” CD/DVD set dropped today, and with it came two all-new tracks from the pop star.

“Brick by Brick,” an all-acoustic saddy, and a cover of Fountain of Wayne’s “Hackensack” are included in the seven-track set.

The former sees Perry take up an acoustic guitar — badly in need of tuning — and strum out solo what she hopes “I can put it on an acoustic record in the future. It’s very where I started.” Perry doesn’t expand on what she means, exactly, though it should be noted that Perry started out as Katy Hudson, at age 15, as a gospel/Christian rock singer, learning the craft under country- and singer-songwriters in Nashville. “Brick by Brick” is a very telling track, very earnest and emotional, a glimpse of Perry that we rarely see on her long-and-oft promoted “One of the Boys” album.

She describes the soft-sided “Hackensack” as one of the most “perfectly written pop songs,” and launches into it with the rest of the band. It’s a “story about being on the road and coming home and having someone there at all times no matter what I’ve been there and whatever.” It’s a pretty track for Perry’s sugary soprano, but there’s not a lot of artistic outstretching going on. Plus we kind of miss the vocal harmonies.

Check out the original below and compare the two: whose do you like better?

Perry also plays hits like “Waking Up in Vegas” and “I Kissed a Girl” with a jazzy beginning. She also does a personal favorite “Ur So Gay,” which she introduces as being a story about an ex-boyfriend who started wearing her jeans and eyeliner. The rest of the set is being streamed on MTV as well.

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