Listen: Usher’s new divorce track ‘Papers’

10.06.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Stephen Chernin

Usher has a long history of airing his, well, “Confessions” to the public, and his latest track “Papers,” culled from his forthcoming album, is no exception.

This rich R&B track takes the listener through heartbreak and prepping to “sign them papers,” a reference to divorce papers, which Usher himself had to recently file this summer. He was formerly married to now ex-wife Tameka Foster since 2007.

The new album, dubbed “Raymond vs. Raymond,” is tentatively due Dec. 8. Raymond is the singer’s last name.

Usher released his biggest album to date, “Confessions,” in 2004, yielding huge hits like “Yeah!” and “Confessions Pt. II.” While the album was a gift that kept on giving great singles, he was loath to release a new full-length until last year’s “Here I Stand,” and with it came another mega-hit “Love in this Club.” It was at this point that, likely, every woman ever fell back into love with Usher.

Which brings us to this single. What I find rare about it is that the topic of divorce — not just breakups — hasn’t been spelled out so clearly in R&B music as it is here. (Country music has been turning that trick for years, just listen to Tammy Wynette.) Usher has a devoted fanbase, and they’ll likely be into this, line and sinker but still…

“Who the hell argues and fights like dogs at 6 in the morning?/I know its gonna’ be some more shit tonight.”

Never knew there were lyrics to air getting sucked out of the room.

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