Listen: Willow Smith’s new single, ’21st Century Girl’

02.28.11 7 years ago

Willow Smith wants us to know that she”s  “on a mission with no restrictions.”  At 10 years old, she”s already on her second single, following “Whip My Hair.”

The good news is as repetitive and mindless as “21st Century Girl” may be, it is light years ahead of “Whip My Hair.”

When she”s not imitating Rihanna, she”s channeling Ke$ha with the quick refrain about “rocking the beat.”  Smith”s no Jackie Evancho, but she seems to be able to stay on key. I”m tired of beating my drum about letting a kid be a kid because I don”t have a vote on what goes on in the Will Smith/Jada Pinkett household and it”s clear the fame train has already left the station on both Willow and her older bro, Jaden. Let”s just hope some of the royalties are going into a fund for future therapy sessions, if needed.

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The song debuted on Ryan Seacrest”s morning show  today and will be available for sale on iTunes at midnight, because, that”s right, you want your 8 year old daughter to throw a fit to stay up until midnight to be able to download the song as soon as it”s available.

How do you like “21st Century Girl?”

Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl by Willow Smith

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