Liv Tyler still ‘Romantic’

03.24.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

You’d think after two big hits last summer, Liv Tyler would be more in demand.  Instead, after playing Betty Ross in the well received “The Incredible Hulk” and the most prominent victim in the word of mouth smash “The Strangers,” the 31-year-old actress finally has her next flick.  And following the roller coaster trajectory of her career, it’s really not that surprising that she’s now set for an indie, “The Romantics.” 

According to Variety, “Romantics” is a, um, romantic comedy written and directed by Galt Niederhoffer and based on her own novel.   The movie finds seven close friends attending the wedding of one of their pals at a seaside location.  Tyler will play Laura, the maid of honor who unfortunately has had a long rivalry with the bride over the groom. 

None of the other friends have been cast, but production is expected to begin this summer.

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