Lollapalooza goes international with Santiago edition

11.19.10 7 years ago

 Lollapalooza is going international. The festival, co-founded by Jane”s Addiction”s Perry Farrell, will hold a South American edition in Santiago, Chile April 2-3 at O”Higgins Park.  The event will feature global acts, as well as Chilean artists.

“We found that there are so many groups and artists that have never been to Chile,” Farrell said in a statement. “It’s been fun figuring out with [partners] Lotus, C3 and WME, who will be the first to get there.”

A number of factors went in to picking Santiago and the park “Number one is space,” Farrell said. “It must be open and lovely; scalable up to 100,000 patrons. Second is the proximity to the city. We provide the entertainment.  The city provides the culture, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Then, most important are the people. The people of Santiago have a passion for contemporary music and lead international lifestyles.”

Lollapalooza will take place Aug. 5-7 in Chicago next year, per usual. However, Farrell adds that there will be a “cultural exhange,” with some acts from Chile appearing at the Chicago festival.


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