Look: Carrie Underwood pulls an Angelina Jolie on her new album cover

03.06.12 6 years ago 5 Comments


We know full well that Carrie Underwood had to have shot the cover of her album, “Blown Away,” well before Angelina Jolie inserted her right leg into our lives at the Academy Awards, but now it”s impossible to look at the cover image, which was released today, and not think about Jolie.

The album, out May 1, features what is sure to be a smash, first single “Good Girl,” but the album cover will have people talking too. It”s a full on glamor shot that features Underwood in a strapless gray gown, one that would right in place on the Grammy red carpet, with her arms by her side, as she, deeply tanned, stares off into space. As the title would indicate, there”s a storm coming in, giving Underwood”s blonde tresses and the bottom of her dress the perfect amount of wind for optimal blowing…and showing off her great legs.

The former “American Idol” looks beautiful, but the photo is a bit too airbrushed and polished for us, especially around her face. She looks like she could be in an apocalyptic thriller and she”s the lone survivor from the CMAs.  It is 2012, after all, so maybe she”s just getting away before the end times come.

What do you think of the album cover?

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