‘Lost’ Emmy winner joins ABC’s ‘666 Park Avenue’ pilot

02.15.12 6 years ago


Terry O’Quinn has targeted his next potential series project with a pilot that brings him back to his “Lost” home at ABC.
According to Deadline.com, O’Quinn will play a lead role in the supernatural ensemble drama “666 Park Avenue,” based on the Alloy book series by Gabriella Pierce.
The plot focuses on a young couple who take a job managing a historic New York City apartment building and gradually come to realize that there are spooky things afoot. We can’t say if O’Quinn will be one of the spooky things, but he’ll play the building’s owner.
The “666 Park Avenue” pilot was written by David Wilcox and will be directed by Alex Graves.
This is O’Quinn’s second straight pilot season at ABC after starring in the network’s musical drama “Hallelujah” last spring. In-between, O’Quinn did an extended arc on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”
The star of the original “Stepfather” earned three Emmy nominations for his  performance as John Locke on “Lost,” winning in 2007.

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