Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS’ Sherlock Holmes pilot

02.27.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Joel Ryan/AP

Oh, CBS’ “Elementary,” you’re such an edgy retelling of the Sherlock Holmes mythos! How edgy are you? You’ve cast Lucy Lui as Watson!

According to media reports — we’ll cite on this one — Lui has been cast opposite Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes in “Elementary,” which brings the famous detective and his brawling better half to contemporary Manhattan. 
In Rob Doherty’s script, Liu’s character is Joan Watson and she ends up becoming the Personal Recovery Assistant or sober companion to a fresh-out-of-rehab Holmes. Crime-fighting and awkwardness ensue.
Anyway, the pilot will be directed by Michael Cuesta (“Homeland”).
Liu is currently appearing on TNT’s “Southland.” The “Ally McBeal” and “Cashmere Mafia” veteran’s familiar credits include “Charlie’s Angels” and the immortal “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.”

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