Lupe Fiasco ends feud with label home Atlantic, ‘Lasers’ gets a release date

10.08.10 7 years ago

Lupe Fiasco’s oft-delayed and highly anticipated third album “Lasers” has finally gotten a confirmed release date.

Atlantic will drop the set on March 8, with the first single due to arrive on his website on Oct. 26. No word yet on the title of the track.

“Lasers” — which apparently stands for “Love Always Shines Every time Remember 2 Smile” — is the follow-up to the “The Cool,” released in 2007.

There was a question if “Lasers” would see the light of day, considering the Chicago’s MC’s battle with his label home. Last month at the Second Regional Academic and Cultural Collaborative conference in Dayton, Ohio, Fiasco told audiences that he was in a stalemate with Atlantic over his reluctance to sign a 360 deal. Additionally, he said, the label behemoth didn’t hear enough hits on the set.

Last month there was a threat of a “Fiasco Friday” protest to be staged by him and his fans outside of the label’s New York HQ. Petitions made their way around the internet for “Lasers'” release.

But now all seems to be behind him. He’s Tweeted a photo of he and Atlantic exec Julie Greenwald, giving the thumbs up, exclaiming “Victory!” No word yet what the negotiations yielded for his contract. Perhaps he could give Nas a few tips?

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