‘MacGyver: The Movie’ one step closer to reality

03.16.09 9 years ago


Don’t call it a comeback. 

The kitschy 80s action-adventure series “MacGyver” has been parodied to death on “Saturday Night Live” under the seemingly comical guise of Will Forte’s “MacGruber.” Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema is teaming up with producers Raffaella and Dino De Laurentis and series creator Zee Zlotoff to develop a feature film based on the property.

The original series ran from 1985-92 on ABC and was the coming out party for star Richard Dean Anderson.  The concept found Anderson playing the title character, a secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation who had the amazing ability to use common household appliances, chewing gum, shoestrings or wire to escape from one dangerous scenario after another.  At first, the show was mildly celebrated by critics, but eventually the concept became more ludicrious and unintentionally funny as the years went on.

No writer or star is attached to the project yet, but New Line told the trade it hopes to find a tone “that can acknowledge how the concept has staked a place in pop culture yest still makes for a serious and fun adventure movie.”  Translation?  We want an action-comedy that isn’t campy, but lets us put a comedian in the title role like “Get Smart” or “Land of the Lost.”

Who do you think should fill Richard Dean Anderson’s shoes?

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