‘Mad Men’ gets a groovy ad campaign for Season 7

03.06.14 4 years ago

“Mad Men” gets a groovy ad campaign for Season 7
Matthew Weiner tapped 84-year-old graphic design legend Milton Glaser, famous for his advertising work in the ’60s, to capture the late ’60s feel of Season 7. Glaser is responsible for the I ♥ NY logo and many famous advertisements of the ’60s. The result is a very groovy-looking poster that looks like it”s straight out of the late ’60s. PLUS: See the Season 7 poster.

Brooke Burke-Charvet: “Dancing” fired me over the phone, while I was in the car with my kids
“My son shouted, 'You got fired Mommy?!'” she says. “I tried to explain the difference between being fired and being let go. Then he yelled, 'You quit!' I laughed at the fine line in it all.”

“Chuck”s” Captain Awesome is returning to NBC for “Salvation”
Ryan McPartlin will co-star with Ashley Judd, playing a congressman on the megachurch drama.

Lena Dunham gets picked up by Taran Killam and The National in new “SNL” promos
Killam also pitches the “Girls” star on his proposed spinoff: “Boys.” PLUS: “SNL” is bringing back the Potato Chip sketch.

Parents TV Council finds CW”s plan to put uncensored “Reign” online “appalling”
“It's appalling that a broadcast network would flaunt broadcast standards in this manner and the network should be condemned for this action,” says a PTC spokesperson.

“True Detective” creator: “There is a clear mandate in pay-cable for a certain level of nudity”
In his Buzzfeed interview, Nic Pizzolatto responds to criticism of the show”s female nudity: “I”d be happy with none,” he says. “Seems to me if people want to see naked people doing it, there's this thing called 'the internet.”” As for the misogyny, he says, “The gender criticism was expected, but it seems very knee-jerk in the total context of what we did here and what the show is supposed to be.” PLUS: Read about the origins of 13 “True Detective” set pieces.

HBO will air a Bruce Springsteen documentary
“Bruce Springsteen”s High Hopes,” airing April 4, will chronicle the making of  The Boss” new album.

“Orphan Black”s” teasers have a secret message
A secret binary message.

George Lopez”s new sitcom premieres tonight: “I'm ‘Saint George” on TV. I'm not a saint in real life”
Lopez promoted his new FX comedy on “Extra” days after his arrest for public drunkenness in Canada. “As Latinos, we struggle at times with carnitas and alcohol,” he told Mario Lopez, “but the best thing is not to make the same mistake twice. Justin Bieber does it here. I thought I'd do it in Canada.” PLUS: Lopez seems to be recycling setups from other comedies, and is FX trying to be CBS for a day?

What would the “Game of Thrones” characters look like as rappers?
See the hop-hop version of Jon Snow.

Chris Harrison isn”t sure that Juan Pablo is the worst-ever “Bachelor”
“We need you to love the Bachelor or hate the Bachelor because we need you to have an opinion,” he says. “Apathy is what kills us, when you just don't care what happens.” PLUS: “Bachelor” Juan Pablo”s parents “live with him” — not the other away around.

Molly Parker talks about her “House of Cards” character
“it”s not something you see very often,” she says of portraying a single congresswoman.

Andy Cohen sings and dances in a cowboy outfit to promote his show going to SXSW
Watch the Bravo star sing and dance about Texas.

Bellamy Young on “Scandal”s” Mellie Grant: “She is often the smartest woman in the room”
“It”s so easy to disregard or underestimate Mellie,” she says. “She can be so hyperbolic. She has big hair. But she is a smart, smart woman. She is often the smartest woman in the room.”

Martha Stewart takes on Reddit questions
“What's the most difficult part about being Martha Stewart?” PLUS: Martha gives Seth Meyers her eggs.

See “Glee”s” 100th episode pics
Including a touching tribute to Finn.

Carrie Brownstein doesn”t like when “Portlandia” homeowners leave their underwear on the floor
“I”ll be honest. it”s not okay,” she tells Letterman. PLUS: Brownstein says “There is a permeating earnestness” on “Portlandia.”

Mayor Rob Ford saw a boost in campaign donations after his Jimmy Kimmel appearance
“It was overwhelming,” says the Toronto mayor”s brother Doug Ford, who”s also his campaign manager. “The numbers came in so high it crashed the website. We're adding a little more horsepower behind it to handle the volume that has been coming in right now.” PLUS: Shame on Kimmel for “ambushing” Ford.

Tom Brokaw talks to Letterman about his battle with cancer
The former NBC News anchor wouldn”t go into details, but says he benefits from having more advantages than your typical cancer sufferer.

Here are 7 things that happen in every “Suits” episode
In honor of tonight”s return of the USA series.

“Grey”s Anatomy” based a lot of Dr. April Kepner on Sarah Drew
The character wasn”t originally supposed to be a Christian, but Drew inspired the writers to turn her into an “authentic Christian.” “For April, the first thing that was revealed was she was a virgin,” says Drew. “I waited until I was married to have sex so I understood April”s motivations. The writers thought it would be a really cool and interesting story to tell that isn”t seen too often.”

Comedy Central”s “Review” tackles our review-obsessed culture
Comedian Andy Daly reviews everything from real life in his new pre-“Daily Show” comedy premiering tonight, a remake of an Australian series. PLUS: Comedy Central had been trying to find a show for Daly, and “Review” is much more dark and brilliant than it appears.

“The Mentalist” gets an Airstream trailer
Check out Patrick Jane”s new digs.

“Bob Burgers” sings about its new Sunday timeslot
“Cosmos” is sending the Fox series to 7 o”clock.

Russell Brand talks Philip Seymour Hoffman with Oprah
“As a drug addict, the first thing you have to do is accept you can never use,” Brand says on Sunday's “Oprah Prime,” reflecting on his addiction.

Denis Leary”s “Sirens” is geared toward “Rescue Me” fans
The USA comedy, a remake of a British series debuting tonight, has the same comic sensibility as Leary”s previous series, but it has more emphasis on the comedy while being just 30 minutes in length. PLUS: “Sirens” is strictly for Leary fans, it is surprisingly funny, and the scripts are holding the show back.

Cobie Smulders: I'm glad I chose “HIMYM” over 2 rival projects
“I decided to go with 'How I Met Your Mother,' which was the best call,” she tells Fashion magazine. “I would”ve been so pissed off if I had gone the other way, don”t you think?”

See 10 new “24: Live Another Day” photos
Here”s another look at Goth Chloe O”Brian.

“L.A. Law” is now out on DVD
With the NBC legal drama”s 1st season now available, the cast looks back on the drama series co-created by  Steven Bochco.

Geoff Edwards, game show host in ’70s and ’80s, is dead at 83
Edwards hosted shows like “Jackpot!” and “Treasure Hunt.”

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