‘Making a Murderer’ filmmakers say juror now regrets guilty verdict

01.05.16 2 years ago

Looks like Netflix might have a sequel to “Making a Murderer” on its hands. 

The makers of the docuseries that spawned countless angry Christmas breaks went on the “Today” this morning to announce that a juror in Steven Avery's murder trial contacted them to say that he or she voted to convict Avery even though they didn't think he was actually guilty.

Avery was convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007, despite what the series presents as flimsy and questionable evidence discovered by police officers with 36 million reasons to want Avery to disappear. (Those reasons being his $36 million lawsuit against them after he spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.) 

Laura Riccardi, who co-created the series with Moira Demos, told “Today” that the unnamed juror said they believed Avery was framed by law enforcement and deserves a new trial. Demos added that the juror said they voted to convict Avery because they were afraid for their personal safety. In the series, another juror (who had to be excused from service because of a family emergency as deliberations began) expressed similar doubts as to Avery's guilt.


In other “Making a Murderer” news, the prosecutor in Avery's murder trial, Ken Kratz, has been speaking out to give his side of the story, going on “Today” rival “Good Morning America” this morning to say that the documentary omitted several key pieces of evidence pointing to Avery's guilt.

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