March Mayhem Heroes vs. Villains Sweet 16: Xena vs Arya, Rick Grimes vs Oliver Queen, and more


We are headed into the Sweet 16 today for the 2nd annual HitFix March Mayhem. As we bid farewell the Round Two, who is looking to take home the top prize and who will be left out in the cold?

Things are heating up for Heroes vs. Villains! In only three days, fandoms across the Internet cast their votes nearly 63,000 times in an attempt to get their favorite Hero or Villain into the Sweet 16. But in the end, not everyone could move on.

Xena, reigning champion from last year, continues to slay all-comers, but now that the Warrior Princess is pitted against Arya Stark, can she hold out?

Other favorites who moved forward by a large margin included Han Solo, who handily defeated Peter Venkman of “Ghostbusters.” Will the charming rogue be able to fend off a Red Room Academy graduate? On the TV side, Walter White decimated Catwoman. That means it”s Heisenberg vs. Hannibal in Round Three. Rick Grimes took the sky from Malcolm Reynolds. Now he faces off against marksman Oliver Queen.

It wasn”t all landslide victories, though. There were some upsets and close calls. Dorothy squeaked past Elsa at the last minute. The girl from Kansas now takes on Batman. Good luck to her. In another bracket, Mystique kicked Boba Fett into the Sarlacc Pit of obscurity. But can she defeat her new challenger, Clever Girl?

The rest of the brackets are a grab bag of anything goes. Can a Lannister defeat a Soprano? And who has the best story about how they got their scars?

Round Three begins today! FIGHT!

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