March Mayhem Heroes Vs. Villains: The Top 8- Xena Fights for Her Crown

03.30.15 2 years ago

And now it”s gets serious.  Round 4 of Hitfix”s March Mayhem, the Second Annual Tournament of Heroes versus Villains kicks off this morning and the field is reeling from some stupendous upsets in Round 3, as some seemingly unstoppable titans continue their march towards destiny.

The defending champion, Xena, Warrior Princess advances to the next round after easily besting poor little Arya Stark. The defeat marks the end of Game of Thrones” dream of dominance in this tournament.  Across the board, Arya”s tormenter Cersei Lannister also fell to the might of Tony Soprano.

Xena will go on to face Oliver Queen for the title of the TV Heroes division.  Queen scored a stunning upset, having defeated Walking Dead”s Rick Grimes.  Grimes had been the top vote getter in an earlier round, but Walking Dead fans stopped to rest just a moment too long.

Up in the Movie Heroes division, a battle of two all time titans is brewing as Batman faces off against Han Solo. Solo advanced after besting the Black Widow, while Batman dispatched the Wizard of Oz”s Dorothy, whom we hope clicked her heels three times and found herself back in Kansas.

For the Movies Villains title, defending division champ the Joker will face off against Mystique, who has had a incredible run in this tournament, slashing her way to the division finals against The Goblin King, Boba Fett and last night, Clever Girl.  Now she will face her toughest challenge in Batman”s arch-foe.

Down in TV Villains however, has been the greatest bloodbath of the year, with a true heartbreak coming out of the results.  The tournament”s top 3 vote getters of last round were all in in this division. Unfortunately for defending Villains champion Walter White, his #2 vote total wasn”t enough as he was facing off against the man who got the #1 most votes of anyone in round #4. The man-eater himself, Hannibal Lecter, was sitting in the cat bird seat last round. But he will now face off against a baddie who is no slouch himself, Tony Soprano, who received the third highest vote total.

All of which means this race is wide open and anyone”s to win or lose. In Round 2, we saw a battle decided by exactly one vote when Elsa fell to Dorothy?  Will you sit back and let your icon fall!  Spread the word, Round 4 is underway!

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