Maria Bello shows her loyalty to ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ and Haiti

02.23.10 8 years ago

Hollywood is full of actors who take their commitments to supporting the films the appear in seriously, but Maria Bello may just define industry loyalty among her peers.  Whether it was promoting the highly controversial “Downloading Nancy” or working tirelessly to get the word out on “The Cooler,” Bello has rarely missed a chance to help a project she was involved with get some recognition.  That may make you conclude she’s an opportunist, but in fact, she is always more focused on the work at hand than pushing her own career.  So, it came as no surprise that when the drama “The Yellow Handkerchief,” which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 (there have been two complete iterations of the festival since) finally found an avenue to theaters, Bello was on hand to help give it some attention.

Luckily for all those involved, one of Bello’s co-stars in “Yellow” was Kristen Stewart and the “Twilight” star’s association has brought much more attention to the tender drama.  Bello, who spends most of her screentime with William Hurt, sat down to talk about the long-delayed picture with Awards Campaign and how the character spoke to her specifically.  

More importantly, Bello ends the interview with a timely a plea for her charity Artists for Peace and Justice.  The Golden Globe-nominated actress has made two trips to the ravaged island of Haiti and she spoke intently of the devastation she’d seen how much work is left to be done.  And yes, she will be retuning. You can find out more at the official website for the organization and how to help here.

You can watch the video interview embedded on this page or click here for a larger version.

As for her big screen schedule, Bello will be seen this summer in the comedy “Grown Ups” and sometime later this year in another Sundance entry (this time from 2010), “The Company Men” alongside Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones.  

“The Yellow Handkerchief” opens in limited release this Friday.

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