Mark Burnett pitching a reality show that would put the winner in space

09.19.13 4 years ago

Mark Burnett pitching a reality show that would put the winner in space
The winner would join Richard Branson on one of Virgin Galactic’s first suborbital space flights.

Ken Jennings: How I’d fix NBC’s confusing “Million Second Quiz”
“When I watched,” he says, “it felt like they were making up rules on the fly. Mostly because they were.”

Discovery gets “Gold Fever”
The makers of “The Men Who Built America” are putting out another documentary looking back at the California Gold Rush.

“The Walking Dead”: Behind the scenes of Universal Studios zombie apocalypse attraction
Starting next week, visitors will be able to walk in the footsteps of the human survivors of the AMC show. PLUS: Lauren Cohan poses for Maxim.

MTV releases Miley Cyrus documentary trailer
“Miley: The Movement” airs Oct. 2.

Battle of “Seinfeld” Twitter accounts: “Modern Seinfeld” vs. “Seinfeld Current Day”
Two Twitter accounts have tried to transport “Seinfeld” to the present day. Only one succeeds.

“The Wonder Years”: An appreciation of its nostalgia
Kevin Arnold & Co. seem to have a big influence on this year’s crop of fall comedies.

“Breaking Bad’s” Jesse Pinkman problem: Enough with the torture!
“This show has never passed up an opportunity to kick Jesse Pinkman when he’s down,” says Jessica Winter. “It’s forever endeavoring to find new, more vigorous techniques for kicking him when he’s down-through pirouettes of plot and calisthenics of character development-and new, pliant body regions to kick or, when the kicking is done, punch or stomp or split open bleeding. What horrible thing hasn”t happened to Jesse, perhaps repeatedly, over the last five seasons?” PLUS: Jesse Plemons is rooting for Walt, how Dean Norris filmed his final scene, listen to director’s commentary on “Ozymandias,”  Betsy Brandt couldn’t watch Hank’s final moment, it took a while for Brandt to stop rooting for Walt, Badger narrates a Honey Badger video, why Walter White Apologists need to stop, Bryan Cranston says Jesse isn’t such a good guy, and Hank Schrader was the “anti-anti-hero.”

Blame college students for killing cable

Many of today’s college students are “cord nevers” — people who’ve never paid for cable and have no plans to ever do so.

Watch HBO film gay-themed “Looking” in San Francisco
The comedy about three gay friends has been likened to a gay version of “Girls.”

How “The Simpsons” fixed Apple’s iPhone keyboard
A 1994 episode was key in helping Apple come up with its innovative iPhone keyboard design.

In defense of this season’s “Survivor” twists
Even the return of Redemption Island is a great idea.

Gilbert Gottfried to guest-program TCM

Check out his pics for next month, including “The Conversation.”

Is “Once Upon a Time” taking its fans for granted?
This year’s promotion leaves a lot to be desired. PLUS: Watch the Season 3 extended promo.

“The Art of War” to become an English-language TV series, thanks to China and Japan
The two countries are teaming up for a TV version of Sun Tzu’s classic book.

“Ghost Projekt” graphic novel getting an NBC remake
The graphic novel follows a UN inspector and a Russian agent who’ve teamed up.

Julie Chen denies having a nose job

Why does her nose look different in a photo taken nearly two decades ago? Chen says it’s all makeup.

Read an oral history of The Groundlings, the comedy troupe that has fed “SNL”

The L.A.-based Groundlings was the training ground for Lisa Kudrow, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Pee-wee Herman, Phil Hartman, J.J. Abrams, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Cheri Oteri, Jon Lovitz, Chris Kattan and many others.

TV costume designers are having a big impact on fashion

Many shows regard the fashion as an extra character.

HBO rejects ’60s-set “The Missionary” from Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Wahlberg
The Cold War spy drama was to be set in ’60s Berlin.

Lucy and Desi: The Advertising years
“I Love Lucy’s” Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz also live on in advertising for cigarettes and banking.

Is Bill Nye’s “Dancing” participation bad for science?
His scientist stereotypes may turn off future scientists. PLUS: Get a gift from The Science Guy.

USA going all out for “Modern Family’s” syndication debut

The nearly $10 million rollout includes a special documentary, live events with the cast and elaborate TV spots. PLUS: See Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s childhood photo.

“Key & Peele” takes on “Les Mis”

The musical epic gets parodied in the season premiere.

Watch what happens when Conan updates to iOS7

Chaos ensues.

Play the “New Girl” drinking game
Take a sip every time Nick makes a face.

“Full House’s” Mr. Woodchuck is now faceless
What happened to Dave Coulier’s puppet?

What is Joan Rivers doing on a scooter?
Is it a PR stunt or is she having trouble getting around?

“Idol” alum Allison Iraheta to spend 1 week on “The Tonight Show”
She’ll sit in with Jay Leno’s band.

Watch the gag reel for “Leverage” Season 5

The TNT series’ final gag reel.

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