Marvel managed to sneak ANOTHER mystery woman into ‘Age of Ultron’ trailer

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When Claudia Kim first showed up in the “Age of Ultron” trailer we played along, speculating on who she might be. Then, the mystery lady in the cave popped up in the new trailer. Which sure, okay Marvel. We”ll bite.

But both of those women, as shrouded in mystery as they might be, where obviously planted in the trailers to generate buzz. But hidden away, at approximately the 1:03 mark in the latest “Avengers” trailer – go here to watch! – a THIRD unknown woman appears. Despite being obscured by Thor”s spasming body, Marvel had to know we”d find her, down in the lower right corner. Superhero trailers are picked apart faster than a 90s kid with a new “Where”s Waldo” book.

But who is she, and what is she doing? From the looks of it, manipulating the lightning arcing over Thor”s body. That”s a classic “caster” stance, if ever I saw one. But who could wield such power? Well based on completely non-scientific evidence of her skimpy green robes and the look of “MURDER” on her face, I”m guessing Enchantress.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Enchantress has a long, sordid history with Thor. One that hasn”t even been touched on by the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. But at some point the writer”s have to steer our favorite God of Thunder towards his third movie – “Ragnarok” – which could involve Enchantress. 

Yet our mystery lady is not blonde. So either Enchantress got a dye job, or it”s not her. Other options? Let”s see. If we assume she”s Asgardian, it could be Hela…or Valkyrie…or Freya. If we throw out her tie to Thor, that opens up the door to all kinds of wonderful, magically inclined ladies. Satana, or Magik, or perhaps even Selene.

Whoever she is, Marvel's latest mystery lady has one interesting sense of style.

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