Marvel teases ‘Ant-Man’ with first, ant-sized trailer

Deputy Entertainment Editor

The first Marvel trailer of 2015 is here! That didn”t take very long. So sit back, or actually sit forward, and get ready to squint like Mr. Magoo at the teaser trailer for “Ant-Man.”

Nice trolling there, guys. But you can never stop the signal. ENHANCE!

Okay, let”s break down this glorious, blurry nonsense.

#1 – Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is walking with park rangers and/or state troopers. Probably the latter.

#2 – Anyone want to hazard a guess what waterfront and skyline that is?

#3 – Evangeline Lilly aka Hope van Dyne is entering a blue lit room. Probably her dad”s underground lair.

#4 – Michael Douglas aka Hank Pym aka Former Ant-Man™ turns on the lights to said underground lair.

#5 – Dudes in suits. Walking with purpose. Movie logic implies they are villains.

#6 – Big blue explosion. Perhaps flashback to the reason why Wasp is MIA?

#7 – Fight sequence between a dude (probably Rudd) and Lilly. Looks like training maybe?


Did I miss anything? We'll have to tune in to the January 6, 2015 season premiere of “Agent Carter” to find out.

UPDATE: Human-sized trailer for the trailer now available!

Also, we caught up with Paul Rudd at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about “Ant-Man.” Bonus! Fangirling Mark Ruffalo at 3:10.

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