Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ live-blog from New York Comic-Con 2014

10.11.14 3 years ago


NEW YORK — This Saturday afternoon at New York Comic-Con we're getting a panel on Marvel's “Daredevil,” which is set to air on Netflix next year.  I am here, as long as the wifi holds out, to live blog the event.

Forgive the typos, away we go…

5:15pm – We are “a minute away” and folks are chair-dancing.

5:16pm – Now folks are standing and dancing.  Not many, but some. 

5:17pm – We have repeatedly been promised “exclusive clips.”

5:18pm – Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel television is here, and he's moderating the panel.  Also, he's an executive producer.

5:19pm – Loeb says NY Comic-Con and NY is Marvel's home and there's a special relationship here.

5:21pm – Loeb is thanking the folks responsible for making this all happen. 

5:23pm – “Daredevil” is only the first of five different series Marvel will be doing on Netflix.  Huge applause for “Luke Cage” and the rest.

5:24pm – Neither Jessica Jones nor Luke Cage has been cast.  Those are, it seems, only rumors.  Also, don't take a picture if you see them filming “Daredevil” in New York City (that's their request).

5:26pm – We're getting our first clip right now, something happening in Karen Page's apartment apparently.

5:29pm – The clip featured some serious action, but was super dark.  Was it the screen here at New York Comic-Con or will it really be that dark?  Maybe we'll find out later.

5:33pm – We're now getting the panel introduction and the screaming makes it hard to hear folks' names but they include Bob Gunton, Vondie Curtis Hall, Deborah Ann Woll, and Vincent D'Onofrio.

5:34pm – Charlie Cox is here, too.  Apparently he was wanted for the role before the rights had even reverted back to Marvel.

5:35pm – Rosario Dawson is not present, she's back in L.A. working.  Cox says, “she's very difficult to look at.”  He was joking.

5:39pm – We just got another clip which included Dawson as… Claire Temple.  Yes, that's official now, she's Claire Temple. In the clip she was treating Murdock for some pretty serious looking injuries.  Goodness knows when during the series this occurs, perhaps right after the fight we saw earlier.  Especially because Matt Murdock still hasn't working out the Daredevil outfit yet (he was wearing all black in the first clip).

5:42pm – Toby Leonard Moore is here as well.  He plays Fisk's right-hand man.

5:43pm – Bob Gunton says one of his character's weapons is a “sardonic wit.” 

5:44pm – Vondie Curtis Hall wasn't sure how to play Ben because he doesn't wear glasses. (that, too, was a joke).  Hall says that Ben has a passion for the city and Hell's Kitchen.  He, like Daredevil, really wants a better New York.

5:47pm – We are about to see the first time that Vanessa meets Wilson Fisk.  Yup, time for another clip.  It takes place in an art gallery, and Vanessa approaches him in it.

5:50pm – Apparently she's trying to sell the art to Fisk, but he seems to want to buy her instead.  That is simply inferred based on looks, not anything said.

5:51pm – D'Onofrio, after thanking everyone for being here, starts off by talking about “our” Fisk.  He's “a child” and “a monster.”  Everything he does, D'Onofrio says, comes from his “foundation of morality inside himself.”  Vanessa “brings him out of the shadows.”

5:52pm – They are, D'Onofrio concludes, playing it real and moment to moment.

5:53pm – Loeb says that sometimes, in the scripts, we're rooting for Daredevil and sometimes we're rooting for Fisk.  Steven S. DeKnight responds by saying it's about greys and the Murdock, under the right circumstances, could tip into Frank Castle.

5:55pm – Elden Henson (also present), had his audition filmed on his phone because he was working on “Hunger Games.”  On “Daredevil,” he plays Franklin “Foggy” Nelson.

5:56pm – Henson is a new dad.  He has a son. 

5:57pm – Deborah Ann Woll went directly (like really directly) from “True Blood” to “Daredevil.”  Woll says that Karen doesn't get into trouble, but rather is trouble.

5:58pm – Loeb says that Cox has really set the tone for the cast and series.

6:00pm – Cox likes the duality of the lawyer by day and fighting for justice and vigilante by night, doling it out (doling is my word).  It is something that Murdock battles with.

6:01pm – Not surprisingly, Cox thinks we'll be pleased with what we see on the series.

6:03pm – Time for another clip.  This one with Murdock and Karen and Foggy.  It is nice and calm.  They're eating delicious food and hiring Karen to work at the firm. 

6:03pm – Q&A time, let's see what we get…

6:04pm – Did the cast read the comics after they were cast?

6:05pm – D'Onofrio did, he's the only one who gets to answer this one.  He loved Miller's stuff.

6:06pm – Was Woll sad leaving “True Blood?”  She was, but things were easier because this cast is nice.

6:07pm – Next question isn't a question, but is about how nice Jeph Loeb is.  He responds by saying that the Marvel fans are the best fans.

6:08pm – What was it like for Cox and Woll transitioning from a cable series to a Netflix one?

6:09pm – Cox's answer is much more about the ability to binge watch them all and not needing to remind folks what happened last time.

6:09pm – Loeb gets a question on whether there is a connection between this and “S.H.I.E.L.D.”/other properties.  Loeb says it's a “Level 7” question but that everything is connected.

6:10pm – Another question for Cox: is there a story or moment he really connected with?

6:11pm – The Miller “Man Without Fear” was a big influence for Cox and the Bendis/Maleev stuff as well.

6:13pm – The scene we saw at the beginning of this panel was apparently just half a scene.  Now, we're going to close out with the rest of it.

6:14pm – It isn't any brighter this time around, but there's certainly more action.  It is in Page's apartment and apparently the bulb is dead, but that may just be because the attacker in apartment busted it.

6:16pm – The scene apparently continues with a kid asleep at a table, but his father telling him to wake up and finish his work.  The kid, apparently, is blind, and the father has just been in a fight.  Could it be young Murdock and his father?  It is!

6:17pm – Apparently, Daredevil was just thinking back and getting the strength to get up after being knocked out a window.  He does get up, and he continues to kick butt.  The guy he's fighting though is good, really good.  Daredevil though may be better… and a little vicious.

6:20pm – Well, we went five minutes long, but they're ending with a standing ovation.  I thank you for tuning in and hope my spelling wasn't atrocious.  It is time though that I head out because they're gonna boot me.  Oh, you wanted a premiere date?  No, you're not getting one.  “Next year on Netflix.”

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