Mary-Louise Parker on having fun being emotionally ruthless in ‘R.I.P.D.’

07.19.13 4 years ago
We have all seen buddy cop movies where the police captain looks at the underlings-and stars of the movie-and tells them to stay in line, to play by the rules, not to do dumb things. These police captains generally and older, gruff men who grumble and yell a lot. “R.I.P.D,” however, is not your traditional buddy cop movie and Mary-Louise Parker isn’t someone who would generally be associated with the role.
In our chat with Parker about “R.I.P.D.,” we asked about playing the part and she, almost immediately, noted that it had been her goal to give the character, Proctor, “A lack of sentiment and sensitivity” and to make her “Not a big-hearted person.” That may fit some of the general description for the traditional police captain, but coming from Parker it feels different. 
There wasn’t any backstory given Proctor in the screenplay, but Parker did sit down with Robert Schwentke, the director, to come up with her history. Parker has worked with Schwentke before, on the first “Red,” and thinks he’s “wonderful to work with” and insisted she would work with him more given the chance.
“R.I.P.D.” and the sequel to “Red,” “Red 2,” both open today, July 19th, and that puts Mary-Louise Parker on something around 5,800 movie screens today.   Parker did tell us that she had never really intended to have such a career, she envisioned herself doing regional theater. 
In terms of said career she acknowledges that she’s been “really, really, really lucky.” Many would, of course, also argue that she is a very talented actress and that it’s the combination that is important.
Also starring Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds (watch our interview with them), and Kevin Bacon, “R.I.P.D.” is currently out in theaters.

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