Mary-Louise Parker worried ‘Weeds’ finale was going to be ‘stupid’

04.19.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

If you thought the unusual finale to last season’s “Weeds” was good, then Mary-Louise Parker, for one, is relieved.

“It looked so stupid to me on the page and I loved the other finale so I thought it was going to be really stupid. But some people really liked it,” the actress told HitFix. “There”s something almost slapstick about this in a way that worried me. It was a little pratfall-y with the golf club… but I think it probably cut together okay… I just thought it was really dumb.”

Parker has liked the other four finales of the Showtime show, however. “Like, what are we going to do if she burns down the house? And the DEA [finale], which I think was maybe the best one because she”s wearing the jacket when she goes through the mirror and I think that was kind of amazing because you really weren”t expecting that,” she continues.

The 45-year-old actress is eager to jump back into shooting Season 6 of “Weeds,” skedded to start lensing late this month. “I love doing that show,” she says. “Broad strokes” of the script were finished by mid-month; the first ep is set for an Aug. 16 premiere.

Parker could be seen in “Howl,” which bowed at Sundance earlier this year, just finished shooting “Red” with Bruce Willis and will be featured in “Les Passages,” which is currently in post-production.

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