McCord hoping to slip into the shadow of ‘New Moon’

02.05.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/ Dan Steinberg

It seems like every young actor in Hollywood wants to find a way to finagle a role in the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon,” even if it’s just a cameo.  Case in point?  “90210’s” resident bad girl AnnaLynne McCord. 

According to E!Online’s Marc Malkin, McCord, who also appears in the upcoming teen comedy “Fired Up,” has auditioned to play Heidi in what amounts to a smaller than supporting role in the film.  A “fisher,” her character brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She uses her beautiful and sexy looks to bait humans.  In describing her in the novel “New Moon,” Bella (Kristen Stewart’s character) describes her as having “exceptional, unforgettable” beauty with stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes.  McCord easily fits that bill.

McCord would join her “90210” co-star Kellan Lutz, better known as Emmet to all the “Twilight” fans out there, who is set to return for the franchise’s second installment.

While McCord hasn’t officially landed the role yet, decisions will be made quickly as new director Chris Weitz is scheduled to begin production next month in the pacific northwest and Italy.  “New Moon” has an aggressive release date scheduled for Nov. 20.

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