McG and Richard Branson team up on a ‘300’-style take on Christopher Columbus

10.18.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

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Okay, I love this story.  I love everything about this story.

Richard Branson is one of those guys who has so much money and so much clout that he can pretty much do whatever he wants.  I love his airplanes.  LOVE them.  Flying Transatlantic in Virgin Upper Class was one of the few truly great experiences I’ve ever had in the air.  If I could fly Virgin America everywhere, I would.  I’m not at all shocked that he’s finally turned his attention to the notion of movie making.  Figured it was just a matter of time.

He’s going to be co-producing with Relativity Media, and they’ve picked their first film to make together.  If it’s any indication of what sort of films we can expect from their collaboration, then I’m excited because if there’s one thing I love, it’s big expensive terrible movies.

“Columbus,” a spec script by T.S. Nowlin, sold to Virgin Produced with McG attached to direct the film.  Here’s the best part… Deadline describes the film as “a ‘300’-style film about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America.”

I can understand why Richard Branson would want to make a film that celebrates the idea of exploration and discovery.  That’s his whole identity summed up.  But when I read “a ‘300’-style film about… his discovery of America,” that suggests an action movie.  I hope it’s full of completely insane battle sequences with Columbus and his army of super-ripped sailors filling lots and lots of Evil Injuns as they take the New World by force.

Even if I’m told that’s not what the movie will be, that’s what I’m planning to imagine from now on whenever anyone mentions this, because the notion of a “300”-style movie about Christopher Columbus is too entertaining.

Right now, McG is actually hard at work on “This Means War,” his comedy with Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, so this isn’t going to be something we see right away.  But I hope we do see it.  And I hope it’s the absolute most over-the-top insane version of the film.  If he just does some staid drama, then what’s the point?  Didn’t the “1492”/”Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” race teach Hollywood anything?

“This summer… get discovered!”


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