McW VS McG! Drew McWeeny talks to the director of ‘Terminator: Salvation’

05.19.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Warner Bros.

I met McG for the first time on the phone.

He called me to talk to me after I ran a story with… how can I put it… an intentionally provocative headline.  And we ended up talking for well over half an hour.  Not as an interview.  Not as something for the site the next day.  Nothing like that.  Just him talking about his side of something.

It wasn’t McG yelling at me.  It wasn’t McG even necessarily trying to convince me of something.  I think it was just McG looking to make sure that his version of things was on the record.  And I get the feeling that’s who he is in general.  More than anything, he wants to be sure that he gets a chance to have his say.

Which explains why the “three-minute-interview” you’re about to watch is ten minutes long.

Because of some of the more pointed things I’ve had to say about “Terminator: Salvation” as it’s moved from script to screen, and because I’m the guy who ruined the ending of the movie, McG practically circled me a few times before we finally sat down to talk during the press day.  And when they gave us the signal to wrap up, he waved the publicists in the room off several times.

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So here it is, the full file.  We debated running a piece of it, edited down, but you should get the full McG, just as I did.

Thanks, Warner Bros., and thanks McG, for taking the time.  “Terminator: Salvation” opens Thursday nationwide.

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