Meet your ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’: Ben Walker

01.28.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

As hard as it is to believe, talent sometimes wins over politics, noteriety and good looks when movie studios and directors are casting a sought after part.  For Ben or Benjamin Walker, that appears to be just the chance he’s been given for his now breakthrough role as the lead in Timur Bekmambetov’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

According to Variety, Walker beat out five other contenders for the potential franchise making part including Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Josh Lucas, James D’Arcy and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.  Walker previously had small roles in “Kinsey” and “Flags of Our Fathers.”

Adapted from the popular Seth Graham-Smith novel, “Vampire Hunter” is set in an alternate timeline where our 16th President learns the “truth” that vampires are living amongst us and are up to no good.  After the blood suckers attack his family, Lincoln undergoes training from a “good” vampire to become a life long vampire hunter. The film also ties vampires into the slave trade and as one of the secret causes for the Civil War.

Besides the involvement of the “Wanted” director, Tim Burton is on board to co-produce the 20th Century Fox flick.  

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is expected to begin shooting this March for a June 22, 2012 release.

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