MGM finds its new ‘RoboCop’ in ‘The Killing’ star Joel Kinnaman

03.03.12 6 years ago 2 Comments


After months of rumors, with potential stars ranging from Michael Fassbender to Russell Crowe, it looks like MGM has finally found their leading man for the upcoming “RoboCop” remake.

Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, seen on AMC’s “The Killing” and in the Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds thriller “Safe House,” has been tapped to play the troubled cybernetic law enforcer, according to

In the ultra-violent 1987 original, Peter Weller played officer Alex J. Murphy, who is brutally “killed” in the line of duty in a futuristic, crime-ridden Detroit. After the privatized police department resurrects him as a Frankenstein’s monster-like cyborg cop, Murphy is haunted by his human memories while facing both a sadistic criminal syndicate and a corrupt corporate board. It was directed by Paul Verhoeven (“Total Recall,” “Starship Troopers”), and was followed by two inferior sequels, an animated series and a live-action show.  

The new version will be dIrected by Jose Padilha (“Elite Squad”) and written by Joshua Zetumer.  

No release date has ben set, but “RoboCop” will likely report for duty sometime in 2013. 

What do you think of Kinnaman as RoboCop?  

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