Michael Shannon, Conan O’Brien and more go bananas in new Jeff Tweedy video

09.26.14 3 years ago

In a alternate universe, bands sign to labels with overlords who enlist artistic services to line their own pockets. Dystopia! Tyranny!

Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer — who go by the name Tweedy for new album “Sukierae” — made a decidedly big talent video for their song “Low Key.” Comedian and “Parks & Rec” actor Nick Offerman directed stars like John Hodgeman, Michael Shannon, Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter, Tweedy collaborator Mavis Staples, Chicagoans Steve Albini, Chance the Rapper and more.

The record company Neverland warps with a muzak version of the Tweedy-penned song, which then gives way to a Wes Andersonian odyssey of selling the vinyl version of “Sukierae” door-to-door in the Tweedy hometown.

Some observations:

1. Why can't we all get paid in bags of money.

2. Think the “Get Happy” workshop is pointing out the finer merits of Pharrell's “Happy?” Happiness is in you, Tweedys.

3. Steve Albini probably doesn't want your record because Steve Albini has probably heard all he ever needs to hear.

4. Catscatscats

5. Given this satire and Conor Oberst's vision of record labels in the future, I'll take Conor's. Interesting history there, with Oberst's home label Nonesuch and Wilco

5a. And I'd take Ryan Adams' label dystopia over either.

6. I don't think the phrase “You will be allowed to live for one more cycle” is a mistake. One more album cycle. Wilco started their own dBpm label three years ago (with distro via Anti-), wonder how they're feeling about THAT.

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