Michelle Trachtenberg has ‘Mercy’ on NBC

03.25.09 9 years ago

Katy Winn/AP

The latest round of casting news finds Michelle Trachtenberg, Scott Caan and Josh Charles landing key pilot leads on NBC, FOX and CBS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trachtenberg will play one of three central nurses on NBC’s “Mercy.” The trade tells us that Trachtenberg’s character is “tragically unhip.”

The “Harriet the Spy” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” will reprise her role as uber-bitchy Georgina on “Gossip Girl” later this spring.

Over on FOX, Scott Caan (“Ocean’s 11”) will top the ensemble of the Brett Ratner-directed comedy “Cop House.” The pilot is set around a halfway house for damaged cops, with Caan playing a former marksman who had a nervous breakdown after his wife left him for his sister.

The trade says that Curtiss l’Cook (“Law & Order”) has also joined the “Cop House” cast.

Finally, on CBS, Charles will play a partner at the law firm joined by a politician’s wife (Julianna Magulies) in “The Good Wife.”

Charles’s TV credits include “In Treatment,” “Six Degrees” and, of course, “Sports Night.”

In other casting news, Tom Riley will appear in ABC’s superhero comedy “No Heroics,” while Catherine Dent will do NBC’s “Day One.”

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