Mickey Rourke whips from ‘Iron Man 2’ to ‘Conan’s’ dad

02.25.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

If anyone caught Mickey Rourke’s return to the Orange British Academy Awards Sunday night, it was obvious that even after last year’s classy comeback the celebrated “Wrestler” star still does things his way.  A worldwide audience? Who cares?  Presenting Best Actress, Rourke swore, directed the teleprompter to speed up, slow down and seemed genuinely unprepared.  But, that’s the way the public and Hollywood have now embraced him.  So, it’s no surprise that after initially committing to star as the father of “Conan” in the reboot of Robert E. Howard’s classic barbarian last month, Rourke and his reps couldn’t make a deal. 

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rourke has finally committed to playing Cornin in Lionsgate new “Conan” flick.  As originally reported by Latino Review, the action flick finds Conan (played by “Stargate Atlantis” fixture Jason Momoa) on a mission to avenge the slaughter of his family and friends, including dear old dad.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s” Marcus Nispel will direct the flick which should start shooting in Bulgaria next month.

Rourke will be seen next as the villainous Whiplish “Iron Man 2,” playing with old action stars in “The Expendables” and getting dramatic again with Bill Murray and, um, Megan Fox in “Passion Play.”

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