Mike and Sully return in new ‘Monsters Inc.’ 3D trailer

09.06.12 5 years ago

Pixar’s 2001 Oscar-winner “Monsters Inc.” is the latest new classic to get the 3D re-release treatment, and a brand new trailer hits all the right nostalgic notes.

It reminds viewers of what happens when the Mike and Sully– two best scarers in Monstroplis (John Goodman and Billy Crystal) — cross paths with an adorable and potential deadly human child nicknamed “Boo.”

“Monsters Inc.” may not seem to be Pixar’s most obvious choice for a stereoscopic upgrade as it lacks the deep focus immersion of “Wall-E” or the explosive kineticism of the “The Incredibles,” but it has some key action sequences that will benefit from 3D and an emotional resonance which will be effective in any format. 

It also stars the voices of Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly and John Ratzenberger.

The re-release is just one of Pixar’s upcoming big releases. The studio’s biggest hit, 2003’s “Finding Nemo,” is being re-released in 3D on September 14, while Mike and Sully will return in the all-new prequel “Monsters University,” which opens June 21, 2013.

“Monsters Inc. 3D” hits theaters December 19.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you planning to see it in theaters again?

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