Watch: Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears share a moment in Cyrus’s MTV doc trailer

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“You”re always going to make people talk, you might as well make them talk for like, two weeks, instead of two seconds,” says Miley Cyrus is the trailer for her upcoming MTV “documentary,” “Miley: The Movement.”

(A side note: Let”s stop calling these specials “documentaries”; they are total promotion pieces with no bit of objectivity to them often paid for by the artist or the label).

In the 90-second clip, watch Miley look pensively out the window, because, y”all, that shows she”s a real artist. Watch her give her band direction as she tells them that”s when a part gets “messy,” because, as you know, she”s a real artist. Watch her twerk and watch her make Britney Spears laugh as she brings up that she wants to blow it up at the MTV Video Music Awards because “everyone takes the VMAs so serious.” Since when???? Britney just sits there and giggles.

“I have this freedom to do whatever I want because I”m starting as a new artist right now,” declares Cyrus, and clearly, what she”s doing is working since her new single, “Wrecking Ball,” is atop the Billboard Hot 100 right now.

As far as the movement referred to in the title, apparently, according to Cyrus, “There”s an army. We”re all part of that movement.” I”m not real sure what the movement is, I”m sure it will all be revealed when the special airs on Oct. 2.

“Bangerz,” Cyrus”s new album on RCA, comes out Oct. 8. And, in case you haven”t heard, she can”t stop, won”t stop, posing nude. Fans can purchase a vinyl picture disc version of the album featuring a topless shot of Cyrus (granted her arm is strategically placed) from her website, since we know WalMart won”t be carrying that cover). See Cyrus”s alternate “Bangerz” covers here. Fans can vote on their favorite image on her website starting today.

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