Missy Elliott really is back: Listen to Busta Rhymes remix with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

02.16.12 6 years ago

Get up “on your tippy toes” or “sit down in yo’ seat”: Missy Elliott is back, and she can still throw down.

I was wiping my eyes like a dream-state a couple weeks ago when Timbaland said he was working with the Original Misdemeanor, and he and she would be releasing solo albums concurrently this summer. Now I’m rubbing my ears.

Busta Rhymes’ “Why Stop Now” got a remix reuniting the “Look at Me Now” personnel, with Chris Brown rawr-rawring the hook, Lil Wanye batting around .200 as per usual, Busta providing evidence that his gains on age have no inverse impact on the speed with which he can spit. He’s still a name that can attract a rhymer like Miss. And, oh Missy.

No drama, no celeb-baiting beefing. There’s barely any smack-talk. She just excited to be behind the mic for this particular track.

“Why Stop Now” was originally out in November — featuring Breezy — as part of a Google Music campaign. It was also around that time that Busta Rhymes was a confirmed new member of the Cash Money family and helped out his new labelmate Lil Twist on “Turnt Up.” This speedy track very well could be on Busta’s label debut, due some time this summer.

Busta Rhymes also showed up on Justin Bieber’s Christmas album last year, but we won’t talk about that.

Check out the track below, as well as the video of Timbaland confirming to MTV the news of Elliott’s imminent return. Elliott’s still tentatively titled “Block Party” will be her first solo album since 2005’s “The Cookbook,” though she’s released singles like “Ching-a-Ling” in between. She’s be co-writing and producing for artists like Monica, J. Cole and Jamzine Sullivan in the last couple of years.

WHY STOP NOW REMIX IFWT by djrellyrell

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