12 Movie Plots That Totally — And Hilariously — Work Backwards

01.16.14 2 Comments

It’s no secret that Hollywood has sequel-itis – a terrifying disease that infects well-loved classic films and new blockbusters alike. Symptoms may include a half-baked plot, characters who appear to have changed actors, and diminishing box office returns. A handful of movies that come down with sequel-itis manage to form a symbiotic relationship and actually thrive (see ‘The Godfather: Part 2’ for more information).

Two lesser known diseases we’ll term prequel-itis and reboot-mania are also on the rise. But why rehash stories when there are perfectly good plots already embedded in famous films? All the work of actually drafting a script is removed and – if you change the names and places – consumers would be none the wiser. For example, I know I’d pay to see this:

Or how about a feel-good movie to get us ready for Shark Week? You know this is right up SyFy’s alley. We can even dub this new genre the REQUEL.

Intrigued? You bet you are. After the jump, see ten more movie plots that still totally mostly make sense in reverse. Thanks to the fine folks over on this thread for the inspiration!

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