Movie Power Rankings: ‘Star Wars’ tops ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Hunger Games’

03.17.13 5 years ago

Some fans may still find it hard to believe that “Episode VII” is actually happening, but the latest news about the new trilogy make it feel more like reality. Creator George Lucas and new director J.J. Abrams have allegedly landed three big fish to star in the first film. Original star warriors Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), and Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa) are all returning for the upcoming “Episode VII,” according to Lucas himself. All in their 60s and 70s now, the trio will reportedly play supporting roles in the film, but their appearance will nonetheless be a sight for sore eyes for longtime fans of the franchise.  

As for the rest of this week’s list… 

March 16, 2013 

1. “Star Wars Episode VII” (Last week: Not ranked)
With Han, Luke and Leia returning, will we see Lando, Chewie and the droids as well? 

2. “Oz the Great and Powerful” (Last week: No. 3)
Sam Raimi’s fantasy film mustered a mighty $80 million in its opening weekend, and has already crossed the $100 million mark. What will the sequel be called?

3. Bond 24 (Last week: Not ranked)
Somewhat surprisingly, “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes won’t be returning for 007’s next adventure. Who do you want to see direct the film?

4. SXSW Film Festival (Last week: Not ranked)
Austin’s annual event premiered Sam Raimi”s “Evil Dead” reboot, Steve Carell”s comedy “Burt Wonderstone,” and Harmony Korine”s Selena Gomez Gone Wild satire “Spring Breakers,” plus dozens of smaller films.

5. Cannes Film Festival (Last week: No. 8)
Preparations for the May festival are ramping up, with Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” announced as the opening film

6. “Star Trek into Darkness” (Last week: Not ranked)
It’s J.J. Abrams time again. Check out an exciting new trailer for the upcoming second “Star Trek” film featuring plenty of action, spaceships and Chris Pine. 

7. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (Last week: Not ranked)
Keri Russell continues her career renaissance, following “The Americans” and the upcoming “Austenland” with a new, unspecified role in the sequel to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

8. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (Last week: Not ranked)
Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and the rest of the cast are classily rendered in these fancy character portraits. The Capitol sure knows how to celebrate the Hunger Games. 

9. “The Hangover Part III” (Last week: Not ranked)
If “21 & Over” didn’t satiate your third for boozed-fueled movie mayhem, the Wolf Pack return in the new trailer for the third and final (?) “Hangover” movie.  

10. “Interstellar” (Last week: Not listed)
After finishing up his Batmen trilogy, Christopher Nolan is returning to the mind-bending sci-fi seen in “Inception.” He’ll tackle time travel and wormholes in the highly-anticipated “Interstellar.” We want to travel into the future to see it. 

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