Movie Power Rankings: ‘Thor’ brings the thunder to No. 1

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After the release of a slew of new images, Kenneth Branagh’s take on the classic Marvel hero “Thor” is drawing critical reactions from comic book aficionados. However, considering it’s obvious the work of famed comic book artists Jack Kirby and Walter Simonson inspired the epic’s look you have to wonder what these fans were expecting. 

“Thor” stars Chris Hemsworth as the famed Norse god of Thunder, the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) who arrives on Earth from Asgard to become a hero in the 21st Century and, eventually, a member of the super hero team “The Avengers.”  Brangah and his production team have obviously taken some liberties with Asgard (so what if Odin’s throne room looks like a Wallpaper magazine spread?), but you could argue the changes to popular franchises such as the “X-Men” series and Nolan’s “Batman” films have been much more drastic.  In any event, it has Hollywood and the web buzzing.  At least until some footage either increases the hype or diminishes expectations after the film’s panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con International on Saturday.  Speaking of which, it’s no surprise a number of Comic-Con films highlight this week’s power rankings…

July 21, 2010

1. “Thor” (not ranked)
This pundit is a fan, but knows a trailer or footage will have to sell the naysayers.

2. Comic-Con 2010 (same)

Bigger panels, more surprises, more parties and more people.  We hope we make it through alive. 

 3 “The Social Network” (last week no. 14)
Now that’s a trailer to get buzzed about.

 4. “Green Lantern” (not ranked)
Speaking of naysaysers, one Emerald Crusader is going to have to impress the faithful at Comic-Con on Saturday after the release of this image.

5. “The Avengers” (last week no. 1)
Still no word on a new Bruce Banner.  Will Earth’s Mightiest Heroes make their debut at Comic-Con or not?

6. “Inception” (last week no. 3)
Is looking at $100 million U.S. in only seven days.  Yep, it should make that massive budget back, no problem.

7. “The Kids Are All Right” (last week no. 5)
Knocked down two notches only because of the competition. Doing stellar business ($28,000 average this past weekend) in only 38 theaters. That’s major word of mouth at play.

8. “The Twilight Saga” (same)
Finally expanding overseas and the worldwide gross is starting to climb.  It “should” equal “New Moon’s” $709 million worldwide when all is said and done…maybe.

9. Jerry Bruckheimer (not ranked) 
Let’s just say the mega-producer’s “perceived” problems might have a lot more to do with the new marketing and distribution teams at Disney than his movies.

10. “Salt” (not ranked)
Angelina Jolie’s latest thriller has been saved in the editing room.  It will open to a fine gross, will play with audiences across the world and is possibly a new franchise for Sony Pictures (think a female “Bourne” trilogy).

11. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” (not ranked)
Will Edgar Wright’s upcoming comedy adventure rule San Diego?  It’s certainly trying to dominate the skyline. 

12. “The Saturday Night Live Movie” (not ranked)
A script exists, but something tells us Sen. Al Franken might want it thrown back into cold storage.

13. “X-Men: First Class” (last week no. 12)
Kevin Bacon is the villain, we just don’t know whether he’s Sinister or not.

14. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (not ranked)
David Fincher’s English-language adaptation of the popular thriller is heating up, but we’re having a hard time getting excited about it. 

15. “Predators” (last week no. 7)
Somehow managed to gross $41 million in 11 days with no one noticing.  Imagine if they’d marketed it.

Falling like a rock…

*”The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
This one really isn’t Nic Cage or Jay Baruchel’s fault. Sort of feel bad for ’em.

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