Movie Power Rankings: ‘Transformers’ smashes Best Picture changes for no. 1

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We’ve gotten woefully behind on our weekly movie power rankings, but that doesn’t mean Hollywood hasn’t been laying at the beach so far this summer.  In fact, another July 4th Holiday weekend box office killer is about to hit theaters: Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” 

Paramount Pictures is keeping this one close to the vest from most of the media for now, but word is that Bay has made a superior film to both the first “Transformers” or “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”  Audiences don’t care what the critics think, they are poised to give “Dark of the Moon” one of the biggest debuts of the year.  It might even make the “Hangover” crew a bit envious.  As to whether Shia LaBeouf and Bay will reunite for a fourth endeavor? That would truly be a surprise.

The giant robot franchise effectively knocks one of the biggest stories of the year, Oscar’s new best picture rules, from claiming the top spot. The industry is certainly still buzzing about the new system, but it hasn’t really sunk in to the public consciousness yet.  When the major news networks start running man on the street pieces in January asking people how many best picture nominees there are this year, that’s when the Academy’s board of governors may begin to regret acting so hastily.

And if you’re wondering where “Cars 2” after its spectacular opening, well, let’s just say its what everyone will be talking about on Monday. That means it’ll find a home on our list next time around.

1. “Transformers”
We may have only the third movie you have to see in 3D on our hands after “Avatar” and “How To Train Your Dragon.”  Thank you James Cameron.

2. Academy Awards
How many nominees you want this year?  6? 7? 10? Hit me with that 5% first place vote baby, who cares if the general public is confused or not.

3. “Django Unchained” (previously no. 2)
Will Smith’s loss is Jamie Foxx’s gain as he appears set to star opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s next.  Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been on the road for years.

4. “Harry Potter” (previously  no. 7)
The buzz is growing so much on the final installment that some think it could even outgross “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”  Now that would be an impressive magic trick.

5. Comic-Con

The New York Times reports lots of big studios won’t be in San Diego next month.  Um, right (DreamWorks came once ever, Weinstein Company hardly a regular, Warner Bros. may still come). Let’s just say entertainment journalism isn’t one of the paper of record’s calling cards. 

6. “Superman: Man of Steel”
The cast grows as Julia Ormond and Christopher Meloni circle the project.  All we gotta say is that there is no way this isn’t better than “Green Lantern,” right?  Right?

7. “The Hobbit”

It’s good to see Gandalf the Grey again, isn’t it?  Plus, Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans and, um, Dame Edna (sort of) join the ever-growing cast.

8. “The Wolverine”
James Mangold is said to have replaced Darren Aronofsky in this new direction for arguably Marvel’s most popular character.  Nothing 100% official yet, but anyone else a tad disappointed?

9. “Captain America: The First Avenger”

The new trailer has even the skeptics interested.  Can the WWII era picture live up to the hype?

10. “Midnight in Paris”
Woody Allen has his biggest hit ever at the grand old age of 75 and best reviewed film of the 21st Century.  Of course, under last year’s best picture rules “Paris” would be a shoe-in to make the 10.  This year?  Good luck.

11. “The Dark Knight Rises”

Do not click this link unless you want a major spoiler.  Again, do not click this link unless you want a major spoiler.  You’ve been warned. Twice.

12. “Rock of Ages”
Yes, it broke over a week ago, but when you are 48 and can pull off abs like that, props Mr. Cruise.  Props.

13. “The Muppets”
New trailer, set visit revelations and even album news. We’re all excited and the movie doesn’t even come out till Thanksgiving!

14. Untitled Warren Beatty Projec
Beatty hasn’t directed a movie since 1998’s “Bulworth” and hasn’t acted in a film since the disastrous “Town & Country” in 2001.  Still, the industry is a buzz over the idea of Beatty playing the infamous Howard Hughes.

15. “Green Lantern” (previously no. 3)
Yeah, so, um, that happened…

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