Movie Power Rankings: What beat out ‘The Master,’ ‘Breaking Dawn’ and ‘Hangover 3’?

09.17.12 5 years ago

Hollywood took a field trip to Canada last week and got a first look at some serious Oscar contenders, including “Anna Karenina,” “The Impossible,” “Perks of a Wallflower,” “The Silver Linings Playbook,” “End of Watch” and “Argo.” Dozens of stars and noted filmmakers made the scene, hobnobbing with the press, and walking the red carpet for world premieres and special screenings. It could be a glimpse of things to come as award season begins ramping up in earnest. 

Watch the video from Crackle here:

As for the rest of this week’s list…

September 16, 2012

1. Toronto Film Festival
Which Festival screening — if any — will lead to Oscar gold?

2. “The Master” (Last week: No. 2)
While it didn’t win the Golden Lion, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film won just about every other prize in Venice. Audience reaction to its limited release has likewise been largely positive. 

3. “The Hangover Part III”
The Wolf Pack are going on a road trip…with the emphasis no doubt being on “trip.”

4. “The Twilight Saga”
With the final installment approaching theaters, the press is still largely focused on how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will promote the film after their very public break-up. KStew’s already moved on in “On the Road,” which premiered in Toronto. 

5. “The Hunger Games”
Production on “Catching Fire” is underway with new cast members Jeffrey Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone and more. 

6. “Avatar”
It turns out James Cameron is interested in a fourth film after all, and he says it will likely be a prequel to the planned trilogy. 

7. James Bond
“Skyfall” won’t be the last 007 adventure — Daniel Craig has signed on for at least two more films. 

8. “Cloud Atlas”
The epic film wowed critics and audiences in Toronto on its way to general release. Will the Oscars know what to make of it?

9. “Star Trek Into Darkness”
Yep, it now has a name besides “Star Trek 2.” Now all we need is a plot synopsis. 

10. Academy Awards (Last week: No. 6)
This year’s Governor’s Award recipients include DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg, legendary documentarian D.A. Pennebaker, stuntman extraordinare Hal Needham and awards maestro George Stevens Jr. Not the most exciting group of winners, but it’ll do. 

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