MTV Movie Awards viewership drops by 1 million viewers with Conan O’Brien

04.15.14 4 years ago

MTV Movie Awards viewership drops by 1 million viewers with Conan O”Brien
This year”s awards, however, did beat “Game of Thrones” in number of Twitter impressions.

Chelsea Handler”s manager: She”s not headed to network TV, she didn”t mean to post a pic of CBS papers
“When Chelsea posted the picture she didn't notice the magazine and it was not a conscious attempt to say she was meeting with CBS,” Handler”s manager, Irving Azoff, tells The Wrap. “And I don't envision her on any broadcast network.” PLUS: Handler shouldn”t have campaigned so openly.

“All That” turns 20
Here”s ranking all the original cast members of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show, including No. 8 Nick Cannon, No. 5 Amanda Bynes, No. 4 Kenan Thompson and No. 2. Kel Mitchell.

“Roswell” is having a 15th-anniversary reunion
The Austin Television Festival”s panel will, so far, include Shiri Appleby, “Revenge”s” Nick Wechsler, “Parenthood”s” Jason Katims and Brendan Fehr.

Here are TV”s most satisfying death scenes
Besides the ones on “Game of Thrones.”

“Awkward” is back for senior year
The MTV series” new showrunners are promising a Season 4 “fraught with tension and drama.”

“Pawn Stars”” Chumlee is now skinny
The History channel reality star dropped 75 pounds in the last year.

Behind the scenes of “The Simpsons”” Sylvain Chomet couch gag
The “Triplets of Belleville” director talks about his “Simpsons” animation process.

“Murphy Brown” creator couldn”t imagine doing a series finale in today”s Twitter world
Diane English thinks it”s harder for today”s TV showrunners to stick with their gut. In 1998, when “Murphy Brown” ended, “there was no social media,” she says. “People were barely on the Internet. So I had no input from fans at all. Zero. I mean, it was really what was gonna satisfy us? What did the network want? Did we want the same thing? What about the cast? What about Candice? These were the voices, not the outside world. Now, God, I don”t know how you do a series finale when everybody”s weighing in on Twitter.”

“Passions” stars: Where are they now?
Catch up with the stars of the NBC/DirecTV soap, including Natalie Zea, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Justin Hartley.

Aziz Ansari starring in web series “Food Club”
Ansari is joined by Eric Wareheim from “Tim & Eric” and “Human Giant”s” Jason Woliner as they sample food throughout L.A.

21-year-old “Southern Charm” star welcomes a baby with her 50-year-old co-star
Kathryn Dennis was shown on the Bravo reality show testing negative for pregnancy.

Study: TV-obsessed watching kids have trouble sleeping
The more children watch television, the more likely they are to suffer sleep problems, according to new research in the journal Pediatrics.

Tina Fey: “iCarly” series finale moved me to tears
Fey and her fellow “30 Rock” showrunner Robert Carlock recalled watching all sorts of finales before finishing the NBC sitcom.

“Girls” is back to work
Season 4 began filming today.

PBS” “Pioneers of Television” returns with “Standup to Sitcom”
The problem with this PBS series, says Brian Lowry is that it “suffers from its pigheaded refusal to incorporate voices beyond the actual stars it features, providing a once-over-lightly account that could easily be enriched by incorporating a few behind-the-scenes and third-party voices.”

“New Girl” is suffering from “Make Something Happen” syndrome
Many recent story lines, says Marc Hirsh, “spring out of, or follow a track built on, nothing beyond a desire on the part of the show to Make Something Happen. It happened with Jess and Sam. Winston and Shelby. Winston and Daisy. Just Winston in general, really.”

Why “Breaking Bad's” Vince Gilligan abandoned a “Wild Bunch” bloodbath ending
Gilligan considered killing everybody off, but realized: “Just because an ending is dramatic or perhaps overly dramatic does not ensure that it will be satisfying.” PLUS: Canadian cafe puts Walter White in the bathroom.

Watch the “Game of Thrones” cast react to Sunday”s episode
A new video includes Arya (Maisie Williams”) reaction. PLUS: Green Day meets “Game of Thrones,” and how book readers solved the mystery.

Mindy Lahiri from “The Mindy Project” is “batsh*t crazy”
“'Crazy' is a word that gets tossed around too often in conversations about women”s emotions and how well they control them,” says Jillian Mapes. “I don”t use it lightly, but here we go: Mindy Lahiri is batsh*t crazy. If the show”s demographic were comprised of more straight men, I would worry that the character is offering up a damaging portrayal of the modern career woman. I suspect Kaling thinks of her TV counterpart as 'crazy in a fun way,' like the friend who gets too drunk at brunch and snags the waiter”s number. The thing is, 'crazy in a fun way' requires self-confidence – something Lahiri lacks at every juncture, except when being constantly undercut by her male coworkers.” PLUS: Max Greenfield on his “Mindy” cameo, and Mindy Kaling talks to Conan about her fantasies of hunks while exercising.

ABC releases a “Scandal” visual party checklist
A new promo urges Gladiators to “break Twitter.” PLUS: Ranking all the ways “Scandal” hid Kerry Washington”s baby bump, and Scott Foley promises a “divisive” season finale.

“SNL”s” Cecily Strong becomes a rabbit
Watch what happens when she loses a bet over an NBA game.

Amazon picks up “Defiance”
The Syfy”s 1st season is now available for streaming.

Presenting the weirdest TV merchandise
From the “Yo Bitch!” “Breaking Bad” fathead to the “Girls” burnout hoodie.

Unlike “Seinfeld,” Jerry Seinfeld”s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” isn”t relatable at all
The web series seems more suited to the comfortably rich.

Ken Burns” “The Address” is really a documentary about learning disabilities
The film about students with learning disabilities learning the Gettysburg Address is unlike any documentary Burns has made before.

FX”s “Fargo” does everything a TV show should do when it”s based on a movie
“It makes you recall how much you loved it the first time around while advancing a new tale in the same snow-blown, upper-Midwestern milieu,” says Hank Stuever. PLUS: It”s easy to lose yourself in this FX remake, a dubious idea turns out to be shockingly great, it will remind you what”s great about the movie, it establishes itself as its own wonderful thing, “Fargo” is missing the spark of originality that would make it great, Billy Bob Thornton never had time to doubt the project, and Martin Freeman would”ve normally rejected a project like this.

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