Music Power Rankings: Brits rule as the Beatles, Susan Boyle and Rolling Stones make the list

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The Beatles” long and winding road to selling their music digitally on iTunes finally came to an end this week. It took years to sort through the complications and dissolve the bad blood between the Beatles” Apples Corps and Steve Jobs” Apple, but in the end, they decided the love you make is equal to the love you take. The result? One day after hitting the store, 16 of the Beatles” 17 offered albums are in the top 35. New EMI CEO Roger Faxon looks brilliant as the main driver of the deal, along with Apple Corps” Jeff Jones.

1) Beatles (not ranked last week): After holding out for years and weaving through myriad lawsuits, the Fab Four”s music finally ends up on iTunes.  Will Garth Brooks and AC/DC follow suit?

2)  Susan Boyle (not ranked) :
Virtually no promotion, no press, no  presence whatsoever. Boyle sits at home with her cat in the U.K. and still manages to sell more than 320,000 copies of her holiday album in the U.S. to knock Taylor Swift out of the top spot on the Billboard 200. One person who definitely did not buy “The Gift?”: Lou Reed.

3) Call of Duty: Black Ops (not ranked): 
Activision”s video game set a new five-day record for entertainment sales of any format with $650 million raked in.Will that be enough for the Grammys to award video game soundtracks their own category?

4) Lollapalooza (not ranked):
While the touring business in general is in the dumper, the Perry Farrell-led Lollapalooza goes south– way south– to Chile to start a new festival. Hola, Santiago.

5) Austin (not ranked): In the stating-the-obvious department, the Texas capital is named the top U.S. city for live music, according to And in other news, Heidi Montag is still a press whore.

6) The Rolling Stones (not ranked):
Will Mick (or Brenda, as he”ll always be to me) and Keef hit the road again next year? The rumor mill heats back up this week about a potential 2011 tour, as well as headlining gig at Coachella.

7) Jim Urie (not ranked):
The head of Universal Music Group Distribution scored a major victory this week after the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an act that allows the Dept. of Justice to shut down websites offering unauthorized content. He”d been a one-man band leading the charge for passage of the anti-piracy proposal.

8) Bon Jovi (not ranked):  We tend to dismiss JBJ, Richie and the boys stateside for reasons I don”t understand  but they still rule in Europe. “Greatest Hits– The Ultimate Collection” continues its reign at No. 1 on the European Albums chart, staving off such potential spoilers as Susan Boyle, Depeche Mode and James Blunt.

9) Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (not ranked): Power couple launches “lifestyle brands” at Kohls. As they”ve both learned, there is far more money to be made in the schmatte trade than the record industry.

10) Ronni Chasen (not ranked):
Los Angeles publicist comes to a horribly tragic end.  Somewhere she”s shaking her head, wishing her clients were getting all the news attention her death is receiving. She never wanted to be the story. We”ll miss you, Ronni.

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