Music Power Rankings: Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber top the list

03.10.13 5 years ago


1. Bruno Mars: It took awhile and a big boost from Amazon, but Mars is locked out of the top spot on the Billboard 200 no more as “Unorthodox Jukebox” reaches No. 1 12 weeks after its release.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen: She and Train both pull out of playing the Boy Scouts Jamboree over the organization”s band on allowing  openly gay members. Add in her great mash up of “Call Me Maybe” with Nine Inch Nail”s “Hole in My Head” and we bet  Canada”s sweetheart”s phone was ringing off the hook.

3. Justin Bieber:
Between getting sick at his Thursday night show, fighting with paparazzi, and leaving his own birthday party, he”s had a tough time since he turned 19. Being an adult is no fun. Even when you can afford all the toy.

4. Randy Blythe: The Lamb of God lead singer is acquitted of manslaughter in  the Czech Republic, following the death of a fan whom he allegedly pushed off the stage.

5. Mariah Carey:
The “American Idol” judge unveils not only the video for “Almost Home,” but for her 12th fragrance “Dreams.”  Soon, her  number of perfume lines will surpass her No. 1s.

6. Rolling Stones: As they continue into their 50th year, they get thisclose to announcing what will likely to be around 18 U.S. dates, plus headlining UK”s Glastonbury festival.

7. Bruce Springsteen: A year after the city of London rudely interrupts his and Sir Paul McCartney”s duet mid-song, The Boss agrees to go back and play Hard Rock Calling. We bet no one pulls the plug this time.

8. Marco Rubio:
  In this week”s strangest moments, Florida Senator Marco Rubio name drops Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z , heralding them as “modern day poets” while he filibustered.  So hilarious, yet so, so wrong.

9. Apple: Eager to get its long-expected internet radio streaming service off the ground, the giant offers labels a royalty rate of .06 cents per stream, half of what Pandora pays. Labels consider the deal rotten to the core.

10. Bleecker Bob”s:
After 45 years, the quintessential indie record store is closing. The New York space will become a frozen yogurt outlet because there aren”t enough of those already on every damn corner.

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