Music Power Rankings: Cee-Lo says ‘F*** You’ to Eminem and Lady GaGa

08.27.10 7 years ago

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They”re only two little words, but they”re potent. Cee-Lo”s “F*** You” is the viral video sensation of the summer. Who knew so many people had so much pent-up hostility against an ex? Or could it simply be that Mr. Green has created the catchiest, most soulful song of the year, even without the attention-grabbing expletive?  All we know is we”d like to send a big old thank-you note to the golddigger that inspired the song and inspired Cee-Lo”s best work since “Crazy.”

1.  Cee-Lo (not ranked last week): His “F*** You” is the internet sensation of the summer. Hours after it surfaced last Friday, it went viral and spread like wildfire, garnering more than 3 million views on YouTube. We have only one thing to say to the A regrettably-titled radio edit,  “Forget You”: “F*** You.” 

2.  Fantasia (not ranked): Her “Back to Me” album sells much better than expected and will likely come in at No. 2 next week, but even more importantly, the “American Idol” winner seems to be on the mend following her suicide attempt a few weeks ago.

3.  Apple (No. 8):  The industry is buzzing about Apple”s annual product launch next Wednesday.  Will it announce a cloud-based iTunes? That could drive digital sales sky high. But will Google rain on Apple’s parade as news of its plans for a music service heat up? 

4.  Eminem (No. 1):  “Recovery” spends its eighth non-consecutive week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. That”s the most for any male artist since Usher”s “Confessions” in2004. Note to self: album titles that hint at bad behavior play well.

5.  Lucian Grange (not ranked): The new head of Universal Music Group is making quick moves.  In the same week, he looks ahead by signing Lady GaGa/Sean Kingston producer RedOne to his own imprint, 2101,  and honors the past by inking a deal with  Annie Lennox, following her departure from her lifelong home at BMG.

6.  Katy Perry (No. 5): She”s been everywhere as she promotes “Teenage Dream,” which will knock Eminem out of the top spot on next week”s Billboard 200.  But with projected album sales of only 200,000 is this a dream or a nightmare as fans focus on buying individual songs from Perry instead?

7.  Kanye West (not ranked):  The rapper declares via Twitter that he is here to save us all one song at a time.  Every Friday between now and Christmas, we”ll get a new song from West or one of his colleagues. Jesus Walks but West runs.

8.  Lady GaGa (No. 6): It”s official. After inching up on Britney Spears last week, Lady GaGa officially moves in to first place on Twitter with more than 5.7 million followers. Who knew all her Little Monsters had opposable thumbs?

9.  Fistful of Mercy (not ranked):  All the little tastemakers cooed with the delight and clapped their hands over the formation of new group composed of Joseph Arthur, Dhani Harrison  and Ben Harper, even more so because no one know of the collaboration until a secret show Tuesday night  (so secret that invites were via phone call-no emails or voice mail messages). The album, “As I Call You Down,” comes out Oct. 5.

10.  Chris Brown (not ranked): His song “Deuces,” from the mixtape  “Fan of a Fan,” leaps to No. 1 on Billboard”s Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart, taking the biggest jump to the top spot since Destiny”s Child”s “Bills, Bills, Bills” in 1999.  Just remember people, it”s okay to forgive, but never forget.

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