Music Power Rankings: Justin Bieber dominates as ‘Glee,’ LCD, B.o.B. ready

04.24.10 7 years ago

This is the week that the Bieb has made.

Justin Bieber has been an omnipresence and media and mind to almost everybody, though his tunes stick out almost exclusively to 12-year-old girls. As his “My World 2.0” continued to cap The Billboard 200 for a third, non-consecutive week, the 16-year-old entertainer was the talk of the (Canadian) town at the Juno’s this year, gaining kudos for getting Americans interested in Canadians again (along with Drake) but scoring no trophies. Girls wept, Tweeted.

With buzz still ringing in our ears post-“Saturday Night Live” two weeks ago, the Bieb made mention of another popular TV show to the press this week : “American Idol.” It’s supposeded “big news” that the carefully coiffed canary once “considered” trying out for the television series. But, y’know, haven’t we all? Oh, also, that  whooshing sound you hear is thousands of pre-pubescents sighing, when continued “news” arrived that he’s single. 

Guys, he’s 16. He’s supposed to be.

But look, perhaps, for a bump down in rankings next week as “Glee” fever heats up the competition: “The Power of Madonna” soundtrack EP from the Gleeks is poised for the album chart top spot, despite its serious lack of Madonna’s actual voice.

Other entries into our inaugural power rankings can be seen below, to include some indies, some ideas, some deaths.

  1. Justin Bieber — for all the above mentioned reasons, plus, bless his heart, Gorillaz’/Blur’s Damon Albarn “just doesn’t get” him.
  2. Guru / Gang Starr –– after a long battle with cancer, rapper Guru died this week at the age of 43. Unfortunately, because of the strangeness of his open letter, the drama with companion Solar and the debate as to whether he was 43 or 47, this may stay in our sights, and not out of respect and glory for his contributions to hip-hop.
  3. Record Store Day — Monday and Tuesday were blanketed with Mp3s of songs culled from exclusive RSD releases — notably the new Blur track “Fool’s Day” and a previously unreleased Rolling Stones song “Plundered My Soul.” Both are dope. Vinyl sales are reportedly up 117% for the week.
  4. “Glee” — “The Power of Madonna” episode aired this week after months of everybody losing their brain over the mere prospect of it. A purportedly preliminary tracklisting for the “Glee 3” soundtrack is out there — and includes a Beck song (!!!) — but we won’t run it yet because Columbia is really nice.
  5. B.o.B. –We’ve already outlined some of the many ways that B.o.B. is hot stuff this week, including the fact he has the No. 1 single in the country right now, made a MGMT cover with Janelle Monae (who is perfect in every way) and couldn’t help but to leak a collab he did with Eminem. If we collaborated with Eminem, we’d just, like, die, right there on the spot.
  6. LCD Soundsystem – James Murphy and Co. wowed audiences at Coachella over the weekend — what with his adorable system of self-deprecation and mad rhythms — but he topped that cake with the Spike Jonze-directed “Drunk Girls” video.
  7. Crystal Bowersox — Every track-better is just so in love with this pony right now on “American Idol,” and even with all the inspiration and sheer giving of “Idol Gives Back” (Archuleta, OMG), it was this brassy Chicagoan voice that got put fingers to phone keypads this week as she sang “People Get Ready.”
  8. Lil Wayne ––  Dude, even from jail this guy makes headlines. From the slammer, Weezy cobbled together the black and white video to “Single” with popsicle sticks and Elmer’s seemingly all the resources in the world. Additionally Jim Jonsin filed lawsuit against the rapper, saying he and Young Money owed him $500,000 for royalties from sticky monster-hit “Lollipop.”
  9. Green Day —  The veteran pop-punk crew celebrated the showtune-rock-opera adaptation of their “American Idiot” album to Broadway stage. To celebrate, the band put on an impromptu show for the crowd right after. Reviews have been generally good, despite the fact that people who love Green Day probably didn’t even buy their albums (SoulSeek, ahem), let alone bought a ticket.
  10. Crystal Castles —  This Hype Machine-baiting electro-dance meanies shorted out the brains of hipsters back in 2008, then went quiet and now are back, with a new album and a new release date for said album: um, today. When the tracks to the self-title set went out, the crew decided to put it up digitally, with physical on sale May 24. It was originally due June 7. Hot tracks like “Doe Deer” are ready for your hard drive right now.

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