Music Power Rankings: Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga battle it out for world supremacy

10.30.10 7 years ago

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Is it really any surprise to find Tay-Tay at the top of the leader board this week? Has there been any other story than can the country-crossover pop princess be the first artist to hit the million mark since 2008? Well, we found a few others, Taylor Swift’s reign begins anew as we predict the album become the top seller of the year, surpassing Eminem’s “Recovery.” 

1. Taylor Swift (last week, No. 4): A beautifully orchestrated marketing campaign, a strong album, an artist who is still gaining fans = the first album to potentially sell 1 million in one week in years AND most likely, the very last.

2. Lady Gaga (not ranked):
  She becomes the first artist to register 1 billion views on YouTube beating Justin Bieber and his band of Beliebers to the record. Who knew all her Little Monsters had opposable thumbs and internet connections.

3. Michael Jackson (not ranked):
  The gloved one tops Forbes Richest Dead Celebrity list with grosses (perfect word)  of $275 million.As the cynical saying goes, “Death is a good career move.”

4. Madonna (not ranked): 
The material girl is opening Hard Candy Fitness, a chain of gyms around the world, starting with Mexico City  in November. Really? Strike a pose.

5. Garth Brooks (not ranked): Who else can get the all the entire political machinery from Nashville mayor to the two U.S. senators to come out for a press conference to announce a concert for flood relief?  He”s the ultimate Tennessee Titan via Oklahoma

6. Take That (not ranked): British boy band”s first tour in 15 years crashes U.K. ticketing sites with Ticketmaster calling the demand twice as high as it was for Michael Jackson”s “This is It” tour.  There”s a good Robbie Williams joke in there somewhere, I just don”t have it.

7. U2 (not ranked): The Irish boys make plans to return to Nashville for the first time in 29 years to play Vanderbilt Stadium.  By the time the 360 tour wraps next year, Billboard predicts it will be the highest grossing tour of all time. Maybe by then it will have broken even.

8. The Foo Fighters (not ranked): The group”s seventh album, not out until next year, is already building a huge buzz because it reunites Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for the first time since they cut Nirvana”s last song in 1993 and pairs the two with “Nevermind” producer Butch Vig.  This little nugget of good news fits perfectly into my heart-shaped box.

9. CitiGroup (not ranked):
As the trial between Citi Group and EMI owner Terra Firma heats up, the New York judge deals Terra Firma a horrific blow by disallowing Terra Firma to seek $6.4 billion in damages based on a speculative theory of lost profits. Will the four major label companies be reduced to three within six months? Some of us actually remember when there were six.

10. Technology (not ranked):  Sony stops making the Walkman and Panasonic quits manufacturing the Technics turntable.  My 10-year old self just died a little  inside.

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