Naked ‘Project Runway’ billboard banned in L.A.

07.09.13 4 years ago

Naked “Project Runway” billboard banned in L.A.

A new ad campaign shows Heidi Klum in royal garb with Tim Gunn lording over nude models.

NBC will hand out free chairs made of cardboard at Comic-Con

It’s a Comic-Con first, providing relief from standing in long lines.

Coming to Lifetime: “Catering Wars”
The Atlanta-based “Wars” show debuts next week.

“Californication” bringing back Rob Lowe

Eddie Nero will return for one episode next season.

Style Network signs deal with “Sh*t Girls Say” creators
Their Twitter account turned web series has become a YouTube sensation.

CBS puts Season 1 of “Unforgettable” online

The network hopes to catch up viewers ahead of the Season 2 premiere on July 28.

Aaron Sorkin introduces “The Newsroom’s” new characters

From Marcia Gay Harden as a 1st ammendment lawyer to Constance Zimmer as a Mitt Romney campaign spokesperson.

Fred Armisen starring in a Queens of the Stone Age infomercial

Watch him promote a Queens of the Stone Age flash drive.

“Sharknado” will be preceded by 7 Syfy shark-themed movies

In all, Syfy will air eight shark-themed movies on Thursday.

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