‘Nashville’ to do some ‘housecleaning’ for the season finale

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“Nashville” to do some “housecleaning” for the season finale
The ABC freshman drama hasn’t been renewed, but the season finale wasn’t written as a series finale.

“Montel” psychic told Amanda Berry’s mom her daughter was dead
Amanda Berry was one of three women missing for nearly a decade who were discovered alive yesterday. But in a 2004 appearance on “The Montel Williams Show,” Berry’s mom was told by a psychic, “She’s not alive, honey.”

Simon Cowell to avoid big-name celebs for “X Factor” Season 3
Cowell is said to be interested in lesser-name music professionals with “real chemistry.”

Sony releases a “Community — Keep it Alive” video
This is your “LAST CHANCE” warns the video from “Community’s” studio.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to guest co-host “Today”
The NBC show will be doing a special show from the Jersey Shore later this month. PLUS: Christie’s late-night talk show appearances used in anti-Christie ads.

Edie Falco admits she hasn’t seen every “Sopranos” episode
“There are a good number of them that I haven’t seen ever,” she tells Jimmy Kimmel.

Canada’s “Dexter” copycat allowed to watch “Dexter” in prison
Mark Twitchell, who killed a stranger based on the methods used in the Showtime series, has access to cable TV and a flatscreen in federal prison, which allows him to watch “Dexter.”

Steve Martin takes a Letterman detour in his walk to Jimmy Fallon’s couch
Watch as Martin takes his sweet time going from the green room to the Fallon’s “Late Night” studio.

“Game of Thrones” hits another season high
The HBO drama saw record ratings for the fourth season in a row.

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