Nathan Lane heads to HBO for ‘The Money’

09.25.13 4 years ago

Nathan Lane heads to HBO for “The Money”

He’ll play a NYC reporter in David Milch’s drama about wealth and corruption.

Is “Breaking Bad” doing everything “The Shield” already did?
There are certain parallels between the two critically acclaimed shows, notes Mark Peters. “In many ways, ‘The Shield’ was ‘Breaking Bad’ before ‘Breaking Bad.'” PLUS: Composer reveals the 8 hardest “Breaking Bad” scenes to score, What it’s like driving Jesse Pinkman’s car, the most-watched “Breaking Bad” episode on Netflix on Monday was the pilot, “Gale Boetticher” remembers his “Bad” times, Heisenberg mask selling for $22,700 on eBay, and see Mr. Lambert’s cabin next to the Nazi pit.

Melissa Joan Hart details druggie past in tell-all book
“I experimented with weed, Ecstasy, mushrooms and mescaline for about a year and a half,” she says.

A&E ends “Hoarders”
The reality show had a six-season run.

Tina Fey: With me hosting “SNL,” expect to see a lot of the newbies
Fey points out that she’s not promoting anything and, she adds, “I’m always happy to play straight person, so, hopefully, the cast will get to do more than when they have other kinds of hosts. You might get to see those new guys more. Although I”m not promising their parents anything.”

“Revolution” creator: Even I was confused by the end of the season
Eric Kripke promises Season 2 will be much improved: “By the end of the season,” he says, “around the time that we had drone strikes, I was watching along with everyone else and asking myself what is this show about? I just don’t know what this show is about anymore.”

Sandra Oh joins Twitter
The “Grey’s Anatomy” star is ready to tweet as her final season kicks off.

CW promotes “Amell Wednesdays”
“Arrow’s” Stephen Amell and “Tomorrow People’s” Robbie Amell star in a new ad.

John McCain is a “Broadchurch” fan

The U.S. senator calls the British series “one of the most entertaining shows on TV right now.”

“The Biggest Loser” shows Ruben Studdard crying
The “American Idol” winner was told he has diabetes.

Did “Cheers” expand Frasier Crane’s role out of spite for Shelley Long?
A “Cheers” writer debunks the rumors, which Kelsey Grammer perpetuated in his memoir.

“Oz’s” Terry Kinney joins ABC’s “Black Box”
He’ll co-star with Kelly Reilly on the limited series.

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake’s bromance began in 2002
The two met when Fallon hosted the Video Music Awards. The following year, Timberlake made his first of many memorable “SNL” appearances.

Lauren Graham on dating her “brother”: “We try not to make out on set”
She tells Ellen that she met her “Parenthood” co-star Peter Krause on the set of “Caroline in the City.”

What to expect on “Nashville” this season

Season 2 kicks off after the car crash. PLUS: What “Nashville” creator Callie Khouri learned from Season 1, and an appreciation of “Nashville” music.

Why tonight’s “SVU” premiere feels so different
Exec producer Warren Leight explains: “At times it is a little cinematic, at times it is a little theatrical. I didn’t want it to feel like another episode or just another premiere.”

Lizzy Caplan is always asked about her nudity
The “Masters of Sex” star tells GQ, “I feel like I’ve answered that question a thousand times.”

Are TVs good for restaurants?
Some feel television sparks conversation, while others say it diminishes social chatter.

“The Apprentice” UK boss sues one of his winners
Lord Sugar is suing after the contestant called his company a “sham.”

How to make “HIMYM’s” “sumbitches” cookies

Here’s the recipe for the peanut butter, chocolate and caramel cookies from this week’s episode.

Confessions of a “Downton Abbey” bootlegger
A Time magazine writer couldn’t wait four months for the PBS broadcast of the Season 4 premiere.

Nick Offerman takes us behind the scenes of his “manly day”

Watch the “Parks and Rec” star’s new Funny or Die video.

10 things to know about “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” after watching the pilot

The pilot episode might have left some confusion for those unfamiliar with the franchise.

TLC will debut 2 shows going inside the FLDS church
The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be explored in “Breaking the Faith” and “Escaping the Prophet.”

“Modern Family” doing well in syndication
Its ratings were as good as the syndication bow of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Joel McHale hits Ireland for Esquire Network

Check him out on “The Getaway.”

How often does Adam Scott get confused with Adam Scott?
The “Parks and Rec” star isn’t a golf fan.

AJ Cook teases the return of “Criminal Minds”
“Were picking up where we left off, essentially,” she says.

“Deadwood’s” Robin Weigart joins “Chicago PD” and Showtime’s “Trending Down”
She’ll play Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s co-worker on the Showtime series.

James Caan owns the screen on “Back in the Game”

The ABC “Bad News Bears”-esque comedy has Caan basically offering “a master class in abuse-with-a-twinkle. PLUS: It’s a worthy successor to “Bad News Bears.”

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